Five Ways to Be a Great Captain at the Office

A sports team is only as strong as its leadership, and the workplace is no different. On the court or in the office, the whole team needs a great captain to guide the team. There is a long list of responsibilities that a captain has and each one of them is essential to the success of the team, just as the boss needs to know how each worker excels in business to have the best results. If you want to be the best possible captain of your business place, then here are some tips to star thinking about:

Lead By Example

A good captain knows what to say to his teammates in various situations to help inspire the team or help the team to focus. But another important part of leadership in business as well as sports is to go out on the field and make things happen for your team. If your team needs a lift, then go out and deliver a solid sale or an important win for a big project or a big client. With good leadership, it is often more about what you say to your fellow teammates (or colleagues) as opposed to what you do.

A Resource for Players

A good team captain gives advice and is there for his teammates no matter what. That includes everything from teaching rookies how to use hockey tape on the court to knowing how to take a, occasional big loss, and the same skills are needed in the workplace.

Be Smart

One of the most difficult parts of being a good leader is leading by example but also staying smart. If you need to fix your own issues, then your first instinct as a leader may be to get out on the field and rock, but you need to understand your limits before you can guide others in theirs. A good captain knows how to lead by example and also help other players to make smart decisions, on the bench or off.

Gain Their Trust

The captain of a team needs to be the spokesman for the team when the team has something sensitive to say to the coach, just as you must be the representative to the big boss for a big project, even if you’re just as anxious around them as everyone else. The captain also winds up being the person that players confide in with personal and professional issues, and as you learn to grow with your coworkers and gain trust, this job might fall on you, too.

Know the Game

A great captain spends time analyzing the competition and constantly developing ways to improve his game play, just as a great leader in the workplace needs to understand the business competition and lead the team. As a captain, you are expected to know the game and you are also expected to be an expert on the competition as well.

It is a lot of responsibility to be a captain, but it can also be a very rewarding experience as well, if you do it right.

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