Five Ways to Save on High Speed Internet

Moving to a new home usually involves setting up a new television service as well as a high speed Internet connection. Take some time as you get settled into your new location to make a fresh start with savings on high speed Internet options with these five money saving tips.

List Your High Speed Internet Needs
Before you start looking at high speed internet options take some time to figure out what you need out of an internet connection to in order to be satisfied with a service provider. There are several things you need to consider before you start talking with an Internet service provider sales representative, such as:
  • Types of service – Services are usually available from satellite, DSL or cable connections. When determining service see which one is available in your area as many markets will have limited offers.
  • Speed – What upload and download speeds meet your needs?
  • Quality of service – Look for companies that offer trial periods.

Take Advantage of Promotions
Several Internet providers offer limited trial periods so you can determine if their service meets your needs. Others offer bundle packages that include Internet connection, cable or satellite television and phone service. Others will offer introductory packages at discounted rates for short limited time. Depending on your history with a particular Internet provider you may have a few discounts available based on your history. If you’re moving to a new area but want to keep the same Internet service, don’t be afraid to call customer service and see what your options are. Most companies will work with you during a move to keep a valued customer.

Get EVERYTHING in Writing
High speed Internet is a competitive market, so savvy shoppers should be wary of claims that are too good to be true. Whenever you speak with a customer service or sales representative take detailed notes for future reference. Hopefully you will never have difficulties with your Internet provider, but if you do this is a point of reference. Some sales representatives may make outrageous claims to get you in the door and your first bill may be higher than expected. In other cases you may have a service issue that needs to be addressed but continues to go unchecked after several frustrated calls to customer support.

Do Not Rent Your Modem
Many Internet options include the necessary hardware to get you online again, such as a modem. While being able to get everything you need in one stop is ideal, most of these plans require that you pay rent on your modem and return it when you cancel the service, racking up a significant sum of money over the years. Fortunately you can purchase your own modem and avoid this cost. Affordable modems can be found at any electronics store or through sites like Amazon and eBay. If you are currently renting a modem you can purchase your own by referring to your modem’s model number

Document Every Service Issue
Just like you should document your conversations with sales and customer service representatives as you’re purchasing your Internet, you should also document any issues you have with your service. You shouldn’t be afraid to complain about your experiences, as taking action could mean the difference between being locked into a buggy plan and switching to one worth your money. If you have a repeated problem that fails to be corrected, being able to refer to past situations can transform your customer service experience as well as open up new saving opportunities. In the worst case scenario, you’ll find out that your service isn’t worth paying for.

Take the time to find the right provider for all of your Internet service needs. Finding affordable Internet options is an easy task if you know what you’re looking for. Keeping your bill low is something that takes a bit of homework, but seeing those smaller numbers is worth it.

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