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If you are a football player or a huge football sport fan, footie t’s are made for you. Footie tees offers a variety of t-shirts, in different sizes, styles and colors, designed specifically for those individuals who participates – whether play or as a fan – in football, and would take great pride in representing the sport with clothing related to its activity.
Footie Tees are available for females, males, kids and babies and are designed in multiple styles. The colors available for acquisition are of great quantity. Consumers are accessible to every major t-shirt color such as: red, blue, green, yellow, pink, black, white and grey, and even comes in two color shirt styles of black and white, brown and yellow and white and black. Quality of t-shirts are of Gildan’s 100% cotton and is a proven brand that offers long lasting and trustworthy material.
Prices of footie tees are very reasonable. Depending on the size and shirt type, you are looking to pay between $9.50 – $19.90 per t -shirt. In addition, consumers can expect their product to ship at fast rates. The average ship time for these footie tees is an amazing 1-2 business days, and any orders that exceed $159 are shipped absolutely free. Orders that fall below $159 is granted a very low shipping and handling cost:
• $0 – $49.99 – $4.50
• $50.00 – $99.99 – $7.00
• $100.00 – $159.99 – $9.50
The printing technique used to design and provide consumers with satisfactory products is the flex print technique. This technique produces a semi-shiny surface that is smooth and durable, and includes up to three different colors in it’s resulting design. The material used on this technique is called polythene. Polythene is very well known for producing very high quality results that are noticeably attractive to the human eyes.
In addition to footie tees, consumers can also purchased hoodies, cotton totes, muscle shirts, long sleeve shirts, baby one pieces, baby bibs, capri fitness pants, tie dye shirts and even more. The weather changes throughout the year, and in some states the cool weather is a factor – resulting in a warm hoodie at this time would be an absolute beneficial move in this condition. Also, during times ladies opt to work out their bodies, capri fitness pants for women would work wonders and provide women comfort while exercising for tip top shape conditioning. For an inside look at what exactly is offered, visit: There, you will get more information on our products mentioned and find other great products worthy of consideration, in the realms of footies.
Take a website visit today and experience catchy footie tee phrases that can catch the attention of not only football fans and players, but even outsiders who have no clue on what a footie is all about. Show your support for football today and grab one of these footie tees for yourself, your wife, your kids, the baby, your friends and even grandma. This is your chance at taking advantage of low priced footie tees, that are definitely lower than competition and providing of high Gildan shirt quality that lasts. Visit now.
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