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Forex is the ultimate in making your money work for you.  Many people invest in companies, stocks, in other people through social lending, however in many cases trading on the foreign exchange is perceived as too risky.  While trading in foreign currency is not as traditional as a stock exchange, it’s an investment like any other.  You can research, learn and study about your potential investments and make your money earn for you.

The foreign exchange market is simply an exchange that allows people to invest in money.  More specifically, you can invest in foreign currency.  As the fortunes of a nation rise, so do your investments.  If you’ve ever travelled, then you’ve likely invested in foreign currency without even thinking about it.  Every time you’ve exchanged money, you’ve made an investment.

Everyone who’s ever travelled to another country has gone through the exchange process.  If you travel to border nations that accepts your country’s currency, then you likely go through the debate of whether the exchange rate is to your benefit to change your currency.  You’ve already gone through the simple process of evaluating an investment in foreign currency.

The serious investors simply do the same calculations on a grander scale and actively invest in foreign currency.  They study the news and each nation’s economic situations to make a calculated investment decision.  It’s no different than any other investment opportunity.

However, there are some advantages to consider with Forex Trading:

  • Instant Liquidity.  The Forex market is the most liquid market in the world.  Afterall, you are investing directly in money.  You can always cash out or shift your investments quickly.
  • 24 hour global market.  The world never sleeps.  There’s always a part of the world that’s awake.  Thus the major advantage of the Foreign exchange market.  It’s always active.  You don’t have to wait for the market to open.
  • More flexibility to long or short your investments to make money in any economic situation.
  • Low commissions.  One disadvantage to stock brokerages is that you are often paying hefty commissions.  That means that you not only have to earn on your investment, but you have to beat your commission payment in order to earn a profit.  Forex brokers, such as, charge much lower fees than a traditional brokerage.  That’s more money in your pocket.

Keep in mind that there are also disadvantages with Forex Trading:

  • It can be riskier than the traditional stock market.  (depending on your investment style)
  • It is liquid and often fast paced.  This can be an advantage for the professional trader, but it is harder for the casual investor to keep up.
  • Sometimes unpredictable market forces.  Although this is true of any investment, you never know when a civil war or natural disaster may devalue a nation’s currency.  Government intervention is always a risk that can affect the nation’s currency values.  In some ways, this is not unlike futures trading.
  • High leverage.  Some people view this as an advantage because you can use leverage to earn more returns on your investment, but it is also a very high risk investment tool.
  • 24 hour market.  Of course, the 24 hour market allows one to invest around the clock, but let’s face it:  we all need to rest.  At the same time, the market continues on without us.  You never know when market forces may affect your investments.  Since there is no down time, you could end up losing money on an investment while you are resting.

Like any other investment, there are a number of advantages and disadvantages to forex trading.  It’s simply another method for you to invest your money and make your money earn for you.  Treat it as you would any other investment.  Take things slowly and carefully.  Always study your investments before you put your money in.  And never invest more than you can afford to lose.


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