Four Things Entrepreneurs Can Learn From YouTubers

Entrepreneurs are becoming more and more popular, as people become tired of working for “the man.” Successful entrepreneurs are great at seeing problems and creating a solution for the masses, but true entrepreneurs are always on the lookout for new possibilities and taking in different experiences to learn new things. One area entrepreneurs should be exploring, if they are not already, is the wave of social media. Captivating masses of audiences around the world social networking really is the future for businesses. One great social networking platform is YouTube. As one of the forefront leaders into online social expression, there is a lot entrepreneurs can learn from those who partake in YouTube, but here are our top four things entrepreneurs should take note of.

#1 Social is the Wave of the Future
Baby Boomers, Generation Jones, Generation X and Generation Y and even some of Generation V are on various social media platforms. They are a captive audience with research showing that users are spending hours upon hours a day on social media. In fact, according to Social Networking Statistics, YouTube receives 490 million unique visitors monthly. That is an insane amount of people that can be touched by a video, an ad or a comment left on the online video channel. Online marketing, and sharing via friends or friends of friends is what businesses and entrepreneurs need to be concerned with and how to tap into that explosive market. It does not matter if your business is down the street any more, the internet and social networking is erasing borders and expanding people’s choices as to where they will do business.

#2 Share Your Message in Small Morsels
Today, more than ever, people have short attention spans. There is so much vying for their attention, businesses and entrepreneurs need to keep their pitch and messages short and simple. If you look at the most popular YouTube videos they are quick and have an “it factor,” whether it is being funny, clever, cute of even weird. Most videos are well-under five minutes, giving the end viewer an informative or entertaining bite-sized message. Sometimes the best plug for business is not business related at all. If you have a quirky idea for a video that could go viral do it. You can link to your business in the description for a business plug, but a random video that goes viral can give you a lot of exposure to brand new clientele.

#3 Analytics Show What Works
Do not create simply to just create. Understanding why certain messages work and why others do not is one of the most important aspects to marketing your business. Online analytics is a huge part of understanding what drives people to stay and click forward to your website or stop watching a video within the first few seconds. YouTube knows the importance of analyzing data as it includes data on every video uploaded to its site. Entrepreneurs should look into YouTube’s analytics via the Insight button and see what options and data they provide users – where viewers come from, how they got to your video and so much more.

#4 Video Pleases Multiple Senses
In all of social networking, video is one of the best tools that can spur viral sharing. Video allows people to see and hear a message and can truly captivate the viewer and motivate action. Entrepreneurs should be aware that it is extremely important to keep their business connected to their video via keywords and links. However, videos can be more difficult to include these online connections, but a great way to do that is by including a transcription of the message or even closed captioning. Including this text with the video helps the relativity of your message and allows the web to connect it with particular keyword searches. A great and easy solution for gathering the written text for a transcription or closed caption is to hire an online transcription service. These providers are perfect for busy entrepreneurs that do not have a projected volume of transcription needs or the means to hire a full-time content creator.

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