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Often, the world is content with the notion that there are indeed no free lunches to ask for and take advantage of. Modern day consumerism however has changed that notion to a great extent if not completely in certain cases. The idea is that people will try almost anything if it is free of charge. On that note, trial is the first step towards the induction of necessity in the minds of today’s market. Yet technological advancements are not too far away from adopting this model of marketing towards the curious customer. Take for instance the entire process of call conferencing. At the first step, it is important for the world to be in communication with each other. The importance becomes far more important as the distance between two people looking to converse with each other seems to increase.

The abovementioned equation changes vastly when the number of people involved in such conversations exceed two. Multiple numbers of people can converse across a channel of communication at the same time thanks to the process of call conferencing. At the same time it is also vital that the service of call conferencing is not economically outrageous for someone calling across continents. A free conference call provider is a bit of an oddity in the world but what is not an oddity is the marketing exercise in which several companies involved in communication technology and services offer a quota of free call conferences for the users who wish to so use the facility. After the free quota, further usage of the service is chargeable. The same applies for a number of call conference facilities across the globe where the percentage of free conferences is variable but the base idea is the same more or less.

The advantages of such services for the user are immense. Firstly, the entire idea itself helps in inducing more and more users into trying the services for themselves and allows them to nurture a preference towards it in certain cases, which in turn ensures that if they ever think of processing a conference call, they would take the service offering them the free service. When the free service expires, most users are willing in most cases to pay the small charges associated with further calls. The next few calls are of course more measured, yet the free calls tend to average out the expenses overall. For most users it is also a chance to examine the quality of a service. If they are not satisfied with one free conference call provider, they can always move on to the other and not feel their pockets get lighter through this phase of immediate dissatisfaction.

For the service provider, the basic advantage is that it allows them to market themselves in a specific manner portraying their quality to potential users. It also expands their chances of word of mouth publicity. So overall, for user and the provider, such a service is of immense use and above all, of great convenience.
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Founded in 2001, Free Conferencing Corporation is an independent and leading provider of collaborative communications solutions serving a range of businesses, individuals, communities and organizations around the world. More than three million registered users with 15-20 million connections a month already depend on Free Conferencing Corporation’s conference call services.

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