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We don’t need to tell you about the power of a great quality business card. It’s an essential business tool and one that you won’t get far without. Don’t miss this really valuable opportunity to leave your mark. A cheap, poor quality business card is going to do you more harm than good – if you don’t value your own services then how on earth do you expect anybody else to? Show them you mean business by investing money into a dazzling business card and people will take you far more seriously.

Your business card should encapsulate everything you offer as a business and should leave people in no doubt as to what you do. Follow the golden rule and keep it simple – don’t overcomplicate it in terms of design or information. Here are some great ideas for making your business card unique:


Remember there are two sides to every business card! Don’t waste an opportunity to advertise yourself by leaving one of those sides blank. It may cost you a little extra but it is worth the effort. But think carefully about how you’re going to use that space. There is little point putting the same information on both sides, so how about your contact details on one side and the business name and logo on the other? Or, if you make appointments as part of your business, how about adding a space to confirm the time and date? A business card is an extension of a first impression, so make the most of it.


Spending a little money will throw your options wide open. For example, embossed business cards look really attractive and when the light catches the raised parts it will really catch people’s eye. It feels good too – make it shiny, smooth and tactile and make sure it’s printed on really good quality card that feels great to the touch.


Is the traditional business card not really for you? There are many ways you can show your personality by thinking outside the box when considering your design. Experiment with cutting away shapes, fraying the edges, or making it out of something other than paper i.e. plastic. This will of course set you back more money than a standard design but you will reap the benefits elsewhere as awareness and respect for your brand increases.

Be careful – when designing your business card it’s easy to get so carried away that you miss glaring errors. Check and double-check that your card has all the correct information on it, and ask others to check it too. Don’t fall into the trap of paying for a stunning business card that is completely useless because the phone number has a typo or your name is spelt wrong. It sounds obvious we know, but you’d be amazed at how regularly it happens! Before signing off a proof for the final time you need to be 100% sure it’s exactly what you want.

Time, money and effort spent on your business card are well spent, so make yours shine!

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  1. Well said. Business cards still have their importance. Some people might say that we’re currently in the age of technology, where business cards have lost their essence, I’m afraid I disagree with them. No doubt online advertising has become very important today, but along with it, one should also give attention to offline (print) advertising. And if I stick to business cards for the moment, you’re right, well designed and printed business cards can have a great impact on readers.

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