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If you love ios games, you will love Infinity Blade II.  I just picked this game up last night at a special discounted memorial day weekend price of $2.99 and I wanted to let all of you know about this great deal.  This is an awesome ios game and it’s well worth the price!

I’ve had my eye on this game since it came out and have been waiting for a discount.  I jumped on it as soon as I heard about this deal.

I’ve played the first game, so I’m familiar with the concept.  For those that haven’t played the first Infinity Blade, this is a sword slashing game where you control your character with a variety of swipe moves.  You can dodge, parry and block with touch controls and attack your opponent by swiping in different directions.  The enemies have dynamic attacks that provide a lot of variety for combat.

For those that played and enjoyed Infinity Blade, you will love the sequel.  Virtually every aspect of the game has been improved, while keeping the thrill and joy of the original game.  The enemies are more dynamic, they’ve improved the roll playing components and improved the menu UI.  Also, there is more variety to the dungeon as well to reduce the repetitiveness of the looping in the first game.

Graphically, the game is really impressive.  I only have the Ipad 2 and am impressed with the graphics of the game.  I can’t imagine how beautiful it would be for those who own the new Ipad.  Just take a look at a few of the screenshots:

Infinity Blade 2


Infinity Blade fighting


This game is a definite buy for anyone that loves beautifully designed games on the ios platform.

I’d definitely recommend getting Infinity Blade II and would recommend anyone to pick it up right away at the discounted price.

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