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What are the goals of your social media marketing? Is it for example to raise brand awareness? Is it just a cost effective way to test out ideas? Or do you only want to increase sales in the shortest possible time span?

Quite obviously you can do all of these things at once, as well as many other things with your SMM strategy. The good thing about SMM is that there are many platforms out there for you to experiment with and it is not really a trial and error method for you to get it right. There are many examples out there now that point you in the right direction from the outset. Learn from the companies that get it wrong. Their mistakes will teach you all you need to know about social media marketing.

It is not as daunting as you think if you are relatively new to SMM. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Vine, Pinterest and Snap Chat, to name the most common that everyone has heard of, each have their own niches, even if their niche is 100 of millions of users.

The people who use LinkedIn are professionals seeking support and referrals from other professionals in their network or near networks. They are not the same people who spend all their time on Facebook. That is a truly social network used by families to keep in touch and by companies who are trying to build a loyal fan base through a soft sell approach based on shared values.

Long Term Gain through Social Media Engagement

You have to be in social media for the long haul. The banking industry has had to up its game on social media in recent years for obvious reasons. Their charm offensive means that they are not asking anymore “What can we sell you?” because that has had to become, “What can we do to help you?”

That about turn applies to all businesses now. If you are not adding value to your customers lives what are you actually selling them? If your looking to increase your social signals, SixtyMarketing offer affordable prices to help meet your goals.Your customers or the people you wish to be your customers will soon let you know if your approach, service or product is wrong. They know how to get themselves heard on-line just as well as you do. That is why websites such as Trip Advisor have been a great success in raising the standards of an industry. It is very difficult to hide your poor service anymore when people tweet about it instantly and put up photographs of the appalling dirty shower on Instagram and Facebook. There is no need to complain to deaf ears anymore, just write a review and let millions of people know.

Automate your social media

Of course I have stated that you have to play the long game with social media but do not shy away from the idea that you can automate some of the work. All of the people you are trying to reach cannot read your blogs or posts and articles all the time so a great tip is to make sure your writing can be used time and again through an automated system. Don’t apologise for posting again, just say it is worth reading, even if you have read it once. You do have to make it worth reading though or people will be negative towards you! Good luck in your efforts.

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