Get Your Boss to Do What You Want

Many people dream of the day when their bosses will reward them for their work. Whether this reward comes through verbal phrase or a monetary praise, you’re sure to feel good about yourself when it happens. However, part of obtaining that positive feedback is showing your boss that you’re worth of it.

Show You’re a Responsible Employee

While some might think they are responsible employees, they may not realize that they are actually doing things to detract from this quality. For example, after working at a company for a number of years, some employees might think that it is okay to be late for work by five minutes every day. In the mind of the boss, however, acting in this manner is just taking advantage of the position. You need to be there on time, stay until the end of your shift and avoid taking any unscheduled or excessive breaks.

Always Put in Your Best Effort

Acting in a responsible fashion is extremely important, but so is showing that you are skilled at the job. No matter what the task is, make sure you are putting all of your effort into it. Furthermore, don’t slack just because the boss is on the other side of the building or isn’t coming into work today. When you work hard, other employees or managers might let the boss know. Even if they don’t, he or she has ways of knowing how hard you always work, so don’t let temptation strike on the job.

Be Willing to Lead

In order to obtain a promotion or to move up in the company, you are likely going to have to show that you are able to lead people. When a leadership opportunity pops up, submit your resume or let your boss know that you are eager to take on the position. Even if there are no current openings, you can still let your boss know that you would like to have more of a leadership role in the company when possible. If appropriate, act as a mentor to new employees to show that you are willing to help other people learn.

Be Willing to Learn

Whether you have been at the job for a couple of years or a few decades, you want to show that you are always willing to learn new skills. For example, your company might want to implement a data dashboard to more effectively track company performance and conversions. Whatever the case may be, show that you are ready and willing to take on these new responsibilities and that you are happy to learn whatever it is that the company needs you to do.

Have a Voice

Sitting quietly at meetings and not offering too much during presentations is a strategy that some people use when they start at a new company. They want to learn as much about the business as possible, and they feel that absorbing everything that is going on around them helps them to accomplish that task. However, when you want to showcase your skills, you need to speak up. Doing so shows your boss that you are not afraid of your ideas and that you have the confidence necessary to effectively present them to other people.

Talk to Your Boss

If you’ve been on the edge of your seat waiting for a promotion and nothing seems to be happening, take the initiative to talk to your boss. You cannot expect your boss to read your mind and know that you are interested in a promotion if you do not say something. Be open and honest with your boss, and express the reasons why you think you are deserving. If the answer is no right now, respectfully let your boss know that you are interested if something pops up in the future.

Showcasing your skills to your boss is important no matter what line of work you are in.

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About the Author: Robert Cordray is a freelance writer and expert in business and finance. With over 20 years of business experience, Robert is now retired and hopes others can benefit from his writing.

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