Getting car insurance for the bat mobile, how much would it cost?


Growing up one of my favorite superheroes was Batman.  The draw of batman was that he was the superhero with no super powers.  Just a regular guy with determination and some financial resources.  So, I followed the different variations of batman through the years:  The comic book Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, Azrael, as well as the movie and tv batmans.  One of my favorite batman gadgets were his vehicles.  In particular, who doesn’t love the batmobile?

These days, superheroes are more popular than ever.  We even read about good Samaritans who take on the roles of real life superheroes like Phoenix Jones from Seattle.  Isn’t that awesome!  What kid doesn’t dream about zooming around in the bat mobile fighting crime?

But if people are starting to fight crime as real life superheroes, I wonder what real life realities they might face?  Driving around town in the batmobile fighting crime must have some risks, right?  A superhero’s car probably gets damaged quite frequently, not to mention the potential lawsuits that may arise from property damage.  It makes you wonder how much it would cost to get car insurance for the batmobile.

If you are considering become a real life superhero, you’ll need to plan ahead.  What would be the cost of zooming around in a superhero ride?  So, let’s take a look at how much it might cost to insure a car like the batmobile.

Vroom! Vroom!

When you look into getting insurance.  It’s best to understand the factors that the insurance companies take into account.  Then shop around and get a few quotes.  You can get an HBF car insurance quote by clicking here.

The first thing an insurance company looks at is the the driver’s personal information.  Now, if you have a secret identity, this will be a big hurdle.  You could find yourself in the lurch with your insurance company.  But let’s assume you are willing to provide these necessary personal details.  What will they look at?

Let’s take a look at some considerations for insuring the batmobile:

  • Age of driver:  30 ish give or take a few years.  Most companies have lower premiums for drivers over 25.  They view younger drivers as more reckless, and statistically the older drivers tend to have a lower risk of accidents.  Batman likely gets a bit of a discount for being older than 25.
  • Marital Status:  Single.  The perpetual bachelor.  Single drivers tend to pay more in premiums.
  • Driving record:  Ok, this may be a problem.  While he may not have much in the way of getting traffic tickets, batman does have a tendency to damage or destroy his vehicles.  The high speed chases, car crashes, and property damage would make this car likely uninsurable.  Keep in mind that insurance companies are a business.  They hope that their premiums will turn a net profit, but that won’t happen if they have to reimburse the cost of the batmobile every other week.  Of course everything has a price, just expect the driving record to drive up the premiums to astronomical levels.
  • Mileage:  Of course batman can claim this as a commuter vehicle going to and from work.  But I bet he really runs up the mileage patrolling around the city every day.  I imagine that his mileage is not so much different from a police car on patrol.  The batmobile likely averages upwards of 25,000 miles a year.  Generally insurance companies charge higher premiums if a car has higher annual mileage.  As a side note, maintenance costs of a car tend to increase exponentially as mileage goes beyond 20,000 miles per year.
  • Car Value:  With all the gadgets and special design features of the batmobile.  The estimated car value must be in the hundreds of thousands.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it was millions.  This is a car that has more features than a jet fighter plane.  Of course, the premiums adjust upwards to factor in the replacement cost of the car.
  • Occupation:  Let’s place this in the same category as a police officer.  It’s a high risk profession that leads to high stress and potentially dangerous situations.  This would increase the cost of the car insurance premiums.
  • Education:  Bruce Wayne is highly intelligent.  The problem is that in most of the batman storylines, he dropped out of college to pursue independent education to hone his skills for catching bad guys.  As a college dropout, this category would be a wash.  Many insurance companies credit you for getting a higher education and charge you lower premiums.  In this case, batman doesn’t get any breaks.
  • Theft Protection:  At last, we get to some big breaks.  The batmobile has the best antitheft protection available on and off the market.  In this category, batman would get a discount on his vehicle.
  • Locale:  Insurance companies typically take demographics into account when they insure a car.  I would imagine that the typical crime fighter lives in a high crime city.  However, despite the overall high crime, Bruce Wayne himself lives in Wayne Manor that is outside of the city proper.  Of course wealthy neighborhoods tend to be lower crime.  Lets give Bruce Wayne the benefit of the doubt on this one.  If the insurance company lists the residence as a low crime neighborhood, they may give a discount on the premiums.


It’s hard to place a real number on how much you’d pay in premiums for insuring the batmobile.  In most cases, this car is likely uninsurable.  But if an insurance company decides to take the risk, expect the cost to be astronomical.  It’s a good thing that Bruce Wayne was rich beyond imagination!

Now, the typical real life superhero may not face as many problems as Batman.  I would expect that a real life superhero faces many of the same issues a patrol officer may face.  However, the lack of formal training, equipment, and backup will likely increase the cost of insuring your supermobile.

Still, if you are looking to insure your supermobile, you will want to do your homework and plan ahead for the costs.

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