Getting More Twitter Followers by the Thousands

My twitter account was created a mere 5 months ago.  And the reality was for the first couple of months it was a completely dead account.  That was before I learned how to get thousands of followers overnight.

In this article, I am going to discuss the methods that I use to get thousands of twitter followers quickly.  I’ve refined my methods over time and have come up with the formula for a completely cost free way to get thousands of followers spending only a few minutes a day.

I can now literally start a fresh twitter account and bring it to the 2000 person twitter limit and beyond within a week.

Here’s a couple of charts from Twitter Counter of a new account I created recently.

As you can see, within a week, I went from just a few followers to over 2000 followers.

Here’s my Twitter Counter prediction for the next two weeks for this account:

These methods do require using the firefox plugin.  So if you are partial to another web browser and don’t want to use firefox, then this method will not work for you.  You can still use some of the other methods that I describe in my free article and get very good results.

This is a 100% free method that I use to build up my twitter following in a very short amount of time.  I have not found another complete tutorial that provides a method like this.  However, I was able to discover this method over several months through trial and error without spending a dime.  This tutorial just lays out the method I discovered to save you from having to go through the same trial and error that I went through to figure this all out.

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How to Get Thousands of Twitter Followers

I’m sure you’re aware that the best way to get Twitter followers is to follow others.  Think of this as pinging a potential follower.  When you follow others, they will quickly follow you back.  This is why there are so many tools on the internet that are essentially different models of bulk following.

Many websites either advertise a bulk follow method of 40-100 followers at a time, which leads to time consuming clicking over and over.  I also discussed a script that I use to bulk follow all the people on a single page, but it also required you to then click through the twitter pages following 20 people at a time.

Over time, I was able to discover a combination of a couple of scripts that allow me to just scroll down and show as many twitter followers as I want on a single page.  Then I can just follow all of them at once.  This method allows me to scroll through over a thousand followers and add them all at once.

I can now do in minutes what use to take me hours.

I’ve also found a script that allows me to automatically unfollow users that are not following me back.  This way, every few days I can unflush all my unfollowers with a single click of a button.

Here’s How I am Able to Twitter Followers Quickly

Step 1

Download and install the Greasemonkey firefox addon.  You can find it at Mozilla’s addon page here.

After you install Greasemonkey, restart firefox.  Now when you go onto the next steps, a greasemonkey dialog box will pop up to allow you to install the scripts.  After you install each of these scripts then you should restart firefox again to get started adding your twitter followers.

Step 2

Download and install the twitter follower greasemonkey script.  You can get the script here.

This script will add a small bar at the bottom of a follower page to give you the option to follow all of someone’s followers.  You use this script by simply finding a twitterer in your niche who is popular.  Then you go to his page and click on his followers.

Step 3

Download and install Troynts Twitter Script.  You can get this script here.

This script adds several functions to twitter that you will find useful.  However the most important is that it adds the ability to scroll down on a page and just seamlessly propogate the next page.  This is how you can show thousands of twitter followers on a single page.

Step 4

Download and install the automatic twitter unfollower script.  You can get the script here.

This script will automatically start unfollowing your non-followers when you select your own follower page.

Now Restart Firefox to Start Adding Twitter Followers

After you restart Firefox, go to twitter.

Step 1.

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you are using the old twitter interface.  If you are on the new interface, just go to your name and pull down the menu on the top bar.

It will look like this:

Just select Switch to Old Twitter, and you will go back to the old interface.

Step 2.

Now you can just search for a twitter user within your niche.  You can pick someone you know or just use the search bar to find someone.  Then just go to their profile.  You will see a small description in the upper right of their page that gives you a link to that person’s followers.

Just click on their followers.

It will go to a new page showing their followers.  You will notice a bar pop up on the bottom of the page now that gives you the option to follow everyone on the page.

Don’t click this button yet!

Step 3.

Hold down your page down button for a few minutes.  You will notice that the page just keeps going down and displaying more and more twitter users.  The number of unfollowed friends on the twitter adder won’d change, but don’t worry about that, it will still add everyone on the page.

So, when you’ve scrolled down far enough to add the amount of users that you want, you can stop and just hit the follow all button.  It will take a few minutes for the script to run through and add everyone.  You can just let it run while you do something else.  I find that it will automatically stop when it hits the twitter limit, so you may want to check on it in about 10 minutes or so.

Step 4.

Every couple of days you will want to flush the people who are not following you back so you are not stuck at your following limit.  This is really simple with the automatic unfollower script installed.  Just go to your twitter home page and click on your followers button.

Then you just sit back and let the script run its course.  It will automatically go through the twitter pages and unfollow everyone who is not following you back.

This script runs automatically when you go to your followers page, so be careful when you are clicking around on twitter.

Bonus Tips

It’s a good idea to fill out your twitter profile, so your potential followers know what you are all about.  You can put a link to your blog or website in your profile so they know how to visit you.

Also, I like to use twitterfeed or to route relevant rss feeds to my twitter profile on a regular schedule.  This way, my twitter feed is constantly updated.  If you are using a job board, you can take the rss feed from your listings and send that to your twitter account.  You can even take an rss feed from amazon and tag it with your associate id and send it to twitter as affiliate links.  There are just a million ways you can make good use of twitter to enhance your profits and your online business endeavors.

Also, you can create new twitter accounts and get them up and running quickly.  Then take rss feeds from outside popular sources and route them to your twitter account using and add advertising using adfly to create a completely new passive income stream.  I provide complete instructions on how to do that in this article here.

Bonus Download

Of course, it’s always good to personalize your twitter page.  As a bonus, I’ve included a set of 20 PLR twitter templates.  Download your bonus Twitter Templates here.

I hope you enjoyed this article. If you need further assistance with the methods that I describe here, please feel free to contact me.

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