Getting Rave Reviews Online for Your Business

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Customer reviews and testimonials are important to business for several reasons. They offer proof that your company does well what is says it can. They also show that customers who have used your services are happy about their decision. Finally they will help you rank well locally since local search directories display reviews in the results as well.

Good reviews don’t happen by chance. You need to have a plan and the commitment in order to consistently get reviews from people who have used your products and services. Here are eight ways to get rave reviews from your customers.

Tap Into Your References

If you provide a list of references to prospective clients you might find that the referee will copy you on any sentiments sent to the prospective client. These make for great testimonials because they reveal what a current or past customer would say to someone that is looking to hire you. The testimonial that a past customer can give a prospective customer is very powerful so make use of these.

Repurpose Testimonials

Put your unsolicited testimonials to good use. If you stumble upon a review on Yelp, use it on your website, in your newsletter or in your store. When customers take time out to write you a raving review ask them to use that review on your Google+ as well.

Show Customers How and Where To Post Reviews

Don’t leave your reviews to chance or assume that customers know when and where to post reviews. Ask for a review and make sure that your team shows customers all the places that they can leave reviews for you.

Give Reviews

Take the lead by making it a habit to leave reviews for all the people that you do business with. Recommend them on LinkedIn and other places and show how much you value their work and they will most likely return the favor.

Host an Event

Host a special event in appreciation of your customers. Give out special prizes (it doesn’t have to be expensive), serve up wine and appetizers and give guests an opportunity to talk about your company on camera. These testimonials will be priceless for your website.

Just Ask For Them

Ask your customers to give you a review once they’ve used your product. If you provide some sort of incentive they’ll me more than happy to write you a review. There are some people like bloggers who are more likely to write a review, reach out to them if they’ve used your service and ask them to write you a review.

Link Up

Leave prominent links on your website, social networks and in your email signature to a page or form where customers can go and leave you a short review. This way you can solicit reviews without thinking about it and customers can see and take the opportunity to drop a few lines for you.

Do your Job Well

The most important key to getting raving reviews is to do your job well. Deliver on your promises. In fact over deliver and customers will be in awe of the steps that you took to meet their needs. By doing this you will find that a lot more unsolicited reviews will come your way but still don’t forget to ask as well. Your happy customers will be more than willing to respond to your request.

Getting your customers to sing your praises will take some time and effort but a good review will do wonders for your business reputation.

What are some ways you get reviews for your business?

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