Go local: Marketing at a local level

Local marketing is beginning to make an emphasis by sending specialized messages to individual communities. The focus is now more on mass personalization rather than the mass marketing practiced by big companies. The new trend is rather inclined towards bringing marketing down to the personal customer at the neighborhood level.

They target their prospective customers within 10 miles or so within their radius, by ensuring that their messages are successfully put across to specific neighborhoods. Such a trend concentrates on their own backyard for their customers by thinking small and keeping the markets local. This involves certain strategies which are being adopted by the small local businesses to win their customers.

Community involvement

By involving the community, local marketing is able to spread its services and gain its popularity. One of the strategies being adopted is to involve the local school principals by asking them to send in students who do well in their grades. The business store promises them some reward or incentives which are handed out to the successful students.

Another strategy is by doing attitude profile survey, where the data collected can be an eye opener for the likes and dislikes of the customers. At the same time, it also gives out the message that the business is concerned about the pulse of the customers. The local market is also more open to criticism now, as losing customers is worse than taking the criticisms and turning them into constructive improvements.

Apply wisdom

By concentrating on the local customer base, business becomes cost effective since the community becomes the promotional allies. When customers are happy with the dealings of your business, they will naturally encourage others to look into your store for their essentials.

This can also start off from the employees’ level where they inform their family members who in turn pulls in friends and relatives. This strategy is called the face time marketing and is more personal and intimate. By getting to put the message across in a more personalized way, these businesses make their own impact in the local level.

Small local businesses are more into the sales rather than branding as they believe that local marketing program must pay for its own. They are not afraid of skipping from a program which is not profitable as per their program project. They move on to another tactic quickly by killing the unprofitable ploy.

Get your customers inside

Getting your customers and unpaid local marketing consultants as authorities and respect their suggestions and opinions for improvement. If they want to know details of inside information, such as your recipes or marketing ideas, reveal to them without hesitating. Such communication will enable your customers to understand more about what you are trying to do. This will also make them feel valued as individuals rather than some faceless customers.

When you are looking for efficient result oriented way of spicing up your start up business, take note of thinking small, thinking local and capture the nearest customer’s cash. In fact, some big businesses are now turning to this strategy as a way of expanding in a small way for their big profits.

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