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Keyword research is crucial. It is a tactic essential to the development of an effective content, targeting pay-per-click advertising campaigns and improvement of search engine optimization. For many years, Google offered was undoubtedly the most widely used free tool for conducting research on the keywords so popular and not popular with useful information on the popularity, competition and suggested variations phrases.

This tool was actually an Ad Words service, which contributed effectively for better planning for Ad Words, but it certainly worked for all types of research. Recently Google decided to close the tool integration with Ad Words and renamed it as Ad Words Planner. In addition to requiring users to gain access to an Ad Words account to the functionality of the search tool was useful. Here are five alternatives business owners and marketers should consider your resources and search routines.

1- Universal Info: Search Metrics Keyword Research

This tool is quite effective in terms of keyword searching for the site, it results are quite précised and based on high and low competition, most importantly it helps SEO person in making effective decisions for the site.

In the tool, you can also look at the current rankings of keywords (the past) and thereby raise the question of whether one deserves to rank there. All these data can be exported naturally with one account.

2- SEOlytics

In SEOlytics you can indeed operate any classic keyword search on the basis of a word. But there is opportunity to better analyze the keywords of a competitor and make decision accordingly.

This tool has very effective filtering capabilities, it shows history of the selected keywords and analysis on competition .Very pretty there is also the leap into the history of the keywords and the really extensive filtering capabilities. So you may as well just look at the keywords of a directory – which is very useful in large portals.

3- Keyword suggestion from YouTube

YouTube is indeed a well-known search engine. It sophisticated tool for keyword suggestions. It provides keywords on the basis of the video .At least so far, I hope it does not turn off Google now also.

Interestingly, the data source is of course – videos. And according to date and quickly the keywords are. The export function is extremely easy and is tailored only to the use for ads. User can customize setting with regards to language and country which is quite effective when the SEO is planning to target specific region in the world.

4- SEM Rush

This is also quite effective tool for keyword searching. It has quite user friendly interface, which users to search for proper keywords for Site. It shows first 10 results free for free users, it has quite big database in terms of high and low competition in the market. Its offer keyword searching for most popular regional domain like Google, Bing etc.

5- SEO Book Keyword

This tool is considered as most powered and authentic tool for keyword searching powered by Word Tracker. Its interface in quite large as compare to other keyword searching tools., it has quite power database which displays results in volumes from word tracker, Bing  and Google trends. It shows quite effective site traffic trends with comprehensive Alexa of site.


Keyword searching tools are considered most effective in terms getting better traffic to the site also in terms of growing business online. Google Ad words keyword is effective in terms of keyword searching but other alternatives tools have quite effective searching facility with user-friendly interface.

Written by Khalid Masood, he is responsible for Business Development in leading Search Engine Optimization California. He is frequent Writer and Blogger and speaker on Business Analysis California.

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