Google Adsense: Set Up A Donor Bank For Your Blogging Site

Adsense is nothing but a web application operated by google. It is mainly a profit sharing scheme by which the users get extra cash by “Ads by Google”.  It has become so popular in today’s online world.

Starting with google adsense:

  1. If you don’t have any gmail account, first open a gmail account.
  2. Then sign up for google adsense. Click here to sign up .
  3. Then you have to fill up a form by providing your websites name, website’s language, your country name, account type, your street address, city/town etc.
  4. Your work is finished to be going on with.


You have to fill up the following conditions before Applying for “Google Adsense”:

Types of contents:

Before applying for adsense you need to know what type of contents you are going to publish. Your content must be unique. Google never shows it’s ads in a site which is full of copy paste. So be careful. Your contents have to be search engines friendly. Always avoid writing contents related to pornography, hacking-cracking, gambling.

Design and navigation of your blogging site:

The design of your site is very important. Your sites design proves your skills. Design your site such a way so that no one can think that your site is under construction,

because google never approves “under construction” sites. Your blogging site’s navigation level need to be easy and link structure has to be standard. Don’t make your site extra colourful, this reduces the chance to get google adsense approval.

Pin this important things to your head: 

  1. Publish at least 20-25 articles before applying.
  2. Your every post has to be topic related.
  3. Keep your every post search engine indexed, and share it in social media and bookmark sites, thus your site’s traffic will increase rapidly.

Make some important page for your blogging site:

Privacy policy: It is a very important page for a blogging site. This page gives a direction to the visitors to make the proper use of this site. Google gives much importance to any site’s privacy policy page. So prepare this so carefully.

About us: This page is also important to get adsense approval. This page gives a clear concept about your site’s goal. This page discusses about the initial stage, who take care of this site, what is main theme of this site etc. If you do not make this page apply for adsense, your application for adsense may not be approved.

Contact us: this page makes a bridge between you and site visitors for rapid communication. By contact us page your visitors get help from you which is liked by Google.

Other advertising networks:

It is a very important subject. You can not use adsense and clicksor at a time, because clicksor provides contextual ads which go against the terms of adsense. So before applying for adsense you have to remove such kinds of ads from your blogging site. Beware of using or bidvertiser.

Select top level domain for your blogging site:

Now-a-days it is very difficult to get adsense approval by blogspot or sub-domains like that. If want to get adsense approval rapidly you have to use top level domains, like: .com, .net .org etc.

Materialize these things and apply for adsense, if you can do everything properly, having approval for adsense is just a matter of time.


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