Great Strategies for Selling Domains

The following are some of the best strategies you can use to sell your domain names.

Domain listing services

Domain listing services allow you to list the domain you are selling at a small fee. Some of these services also offer parking services. Parking allows you to make money from your domains while you are waiting to find a buyer. Services that offer both parking and listing services have become very popular with sellers as well as buyers.

When listing your domain name, make sure you don’t place an unreasonable price on it. For instance, a domain name which is valued at $1,500 is not likely to generate much interest if it is listed at a price of $15,000. Potential buyers may not even bother contacting you. However, you don’t have to list your domain at the exact market value. You could add a few hundred dollars to the asking price to allow room for bargaining.

Another mistake is lowering your asking price constantly since this will make you look desperate to prospective buyers. When the price of a domain gets lowered continually, the seller is either be desperate to find a buyer or is unsure of the real value of their domain. A prospective buyer could decide to wait for the price to drop to about $150 and then make an offer of $80. Avoid making this mistake since it will eventually devalue your domains.

Auction sites

Auction sites can help sellers get a good deal for their domain names. On the other hand, sellers could also find themselves without a single bid. There are several things you could do to enhance the chances of auction sites working in your favor.

When selling valuable domains, make sure you work with auction sites which have a reputation for selling domains. The real value of the domain will be evident to other domainers rather than the end users. However, if you have already built a website around the domain name, it would be easier to sell it through a consumer-based auction such as an eBay auction.    

When it comes to auctions, the starting price is crucial for attracting bids. However, starting very low is not the best way of beginning the bidding process. A low asking price will give bidders the impression that your domain is not very valuable.

When selling your domain at an auction, make sure you play fair. This will cause other domainers to perceive you as a person who can be trusted.

Brokerage services

There are several companies that offer domain brokerage services. Before choosing any service, take time to visit the different brokers or read the information on their sites to get an idea of how they operate. You could also send an email using the email contacts provided on their site. Ask questions about the services offered. Take note of how long it takes to get a response and how helpful the response is.

If you feel that none of the companies are suitable, you could opt to sell your domain name independently.

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