Great Ways To Create Content, Add Value And Build Links

Great Ways to Create Content, Add Value and Build Links with Twitter While there are lots of ways to build links back to your website, there are only a few sustainable ones, this is especially true when it comes to social media. People who wind up buying links, using article spinners, or making spam comments often find that their links disappear faster than they can create them. Creating links via automated methods is not only ineffective but also dangerous. Perhaps you have seen some places promise you thousands of back-links in under a week, but what they don’t tell you is that thousands of back-links built up in a very short time will disappear with lightning speed and throw up red flags to the search engines. In some cases, these back-links last less than a day, which means they have no value at all. In more sieve cases unnatural link-building can get your site penalized in the search results.

The good news is there are many ways to create high quality back-links on sites such as Facebook and Twitter. This article will deal specifically with creating back-links from Twitter, but many of these techniques can also be adapted easily to Facebook and other social media sites. These will be high quality back-links that are definitely not spam.

Getting Social:
The best way to obtain new back-links to your site is to establish a genuine connection with another person. Social media makes it easier than ever before to have meaningful conversations with people you’ve never met before. Once you are friends, they’ll often much more likely to recommend your site to others and in some cases will link back to your site.

Guest Blogging:
Another way to build high quality back-links is with guest blogging. Twitter is an especially great way to find out about guest blogging opportunities, as many people post this right in their stream. If you guest blog on some else’s site, you not only get the back-links from their site, they’ll almost always announce your guest blog in their social media stream. You can then repost that in your social media stream. That’s at least three quality back-links from high quality sites right there. Not to mention all the new people who will find you via your guest blog post.

Top 10 List:
Top 10 lists are always popular on any site. When you create lists of ‘top 10’ with links posted back to the original site, this is known as content curation and is something that people and search engines love dearly.

Videos are also a great medium to share on sites like Twitter. People love watching videos, especially when it relates to their interest. The best thing about using video is you don’t actually have to have any video of your own, (although it would be a good idea). For example, if your niche is scuba diving, search YouTube, find cool videos on scuba diving, and post links to them. You can also ask people to post links to their cool scuba diving videos. Every so often, you could put a scuba diving video you did of your own in the stream with a link back to your site. It not only looks natural, but people love it.

Testimonials are often overlooked, but are a very effective method of link building. It’s a classic case of giving in order to get. If you found a product or article that was especially useful, go to the authors stream and post a testimonial about it. Not only is this good karma, it’s common to have a link back to your site when you do that because people want to make sure you’re real. This does not look spammy at all and helps build genuine relationships.

Questions are another great way to build back-links. By answering questions that other people have already asked, you show off your knowledge and become known as the expert. By asking questions that make people think, (for example: where’s your favorite place to scuba dive?). You get people talking about your post and there’s even the possibility of going viral.

Building back-links on social media platforms like Twitter is not as hard as it seems. Yes, it does take work but it doesn’t take that much more work to build a high quality back-link as apposed to building a low quality ones. Twitter is all about communication and valuable content. As long as you give people valuable content, back-links (and new customers) are assured.

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