Hand made and online shopping for baby sleeping accessories can save you a lot of money

A DIY present always comes from the heart, and very few things are as respected and welcomed as the gift that you’ve committed your time and effort to. Especially when we are talking about babies first present, always keep in mind that the family will cherish every gift and save it for decades, if not for a life time, so you want your contribution to this tradition to be unique, one of a kind, and of course, you want it to look good. What’s the point in building a lifelong memory if you will feel ashamed every time someone brings it up?

Further down below you we will provide you with a few simple tutorials on how to make a swaddle bag by yourself. But before we get to that, first we will provide a short explanation on what swaddling is, for those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, and on what part should you pay extra attention to, so you could be sure that your swaddling method is not hurting the infant in any way.

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For starters, let’s just say that swaddling has been around for centuries. Middle Eastern countries, as well as parents from Asia, consider this method as the only way of protecting your newborn child from unnecessary movements, and there are many benefits of proper swaddling, but enough is to know that with this technique you are helping your baby feel like she is still in mommy’s belly. This way the child starts feeling comfortable and in a safe environment, it stops with excessive crying, which is important for that, most sensitive stage, and it helps the baby to prolong its sleep sessions. That’s all you need to know. If you live in the UK, Australia or in some of the previously mentioned areas, you probably already know this, but you would be surprised how many parents are completely unfamiliar with this method.

Another thing we have to go through is safety. We’ve already made clear that this is the most sensitive stage for the infant’s development, and you don’t want to harm the baby in any possible way of course. Take some time to learn about the possible harmful effects of this method. The method by itself isn’t harmful, the way you carry it out could be.

How to Make One

If you know how to knit, knitted swaddle bags are simply the perfect gift for an infant and the family. You should definitely devote some time and make a fuzzy, warm blanket that everyone will love in that case. On the other hand, there are some simple ways that are equally good and can turn out beautiful if you put some effort into it. Here is a short list that can help you with that, with great examples and visual explanations and measurements, but before you start please pay extra attention to some main instructions that some of these websites maybe didn’t pay any because they thought it is compulsory.

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The material always has to be breathable, which means cotton or fleece is the best choice. Always pre-wash the fabrics before you start your DIY project, and although it looks simple enough to make if you are not sure how your final project will look like, companies like Bubbaroo already have a line where you can find beautifully designed, knitted sleeping bags. It is still a thoughtful present, and there will be no safety issues whatsoever, and we can agree that safety comes first.

Swaddle bags are known as a gift that lasts for generations, and it is not uncommon that moms keep and cherish their first blankets for future kids and grandkids as well. It should be your definite choice for a baby’s first gift.

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