Home Decor Ideas for the Physically Challenged

You may have many visions on how you have to decorate your home. You may however be posed with a challenge when you have a handicapped person in your house. Here we have listed a few suggestions on how you should design and decorate your home for the physically challenged.

You need to consider every single aspect of interior designing when you have a handicapped person in your house. Here are some simple suggestions which may help you.

Clear all the paths for ease of Physically Challenged

You must clear all the pathways in your home. If you have someone who uses a wheelchair, any kind of obstruction on their path can really be a botheration to them.

You must clear all pathways so that they do not trip and fall. You must arrange the furniture in a way that does not obstruct their path.

Easy Access for Wheelchair Users

You may go for an access ramp if you have a wheelchair user in your house. You must make sure that the ramp is not too steep. Users should be able to walk the ramp unassisted.

If you have people in your home who use walking sticks, go for grab bars or hand rails near stairways.

Kitchen Décor for the Physically Challenged

You must go for kitchen cabinets which are 30 inches high and have a minimum clearance of 40 inches. You can remove the base cabinet doors for the ease of the wheelchair user. This will help him access different items easily.

The physically challenged can prepare food easily if there is a pull-out cutting board in the kitchen. You must also plan the placement of food and utensils in an accessible manner.

Bathroom Arrangement for the Physically Challenged

You must go for a roll-in shower with a hand-held attachment in the bathroom. If you wish to have a bathtub in the bathroom, do not forget to install grab bars on the sides. The grab bar should be able to bear 250lbs of pressure. It should be securely attached to the stud.

You can go for a counter-top style sink in the bathroom as it provides accessible storage to any wheelchair user. If you have a standard sink, make sure it can bear extra pressure and won’t come out if excessive pressure is applied.

You must also have grab bars attached to the walls near the toilets. You may even go for an elevated toilet seat.

Flooring keeping the Handicapped in Mind

You must go for non-slip flooring if you have aged people in your house. You must go for tiling which does not slip. This is essential as wheelchair users may slip and fall. The fall can really be fatal in some cases. You must thus go for non-slip flooring.

You must also select carpets and rugs made from non-slip materials. It is a very important factor when you consider the safety of the individual.

Doorways for the Handicapped

You may need to modify the doorway if you wish to make it convenient for the user. You must go for doorways which are at least 32 inches wide so that it can easily accommodate the wheelchair. You will observe that the wheelchairs are usually 24-27inches wide. You must design the doorways in such a way that wheelchairs can easily travel through the space.

Some wheelchairs may require a doorway which is 36inches wide to let the wheelchair comfortably pass through.

Home Décor can simplify the life of the Physically Challenged

You must realize that no one likes to depend on others. Even the physically challenged people prefer to be independent as far as possible. Here are the few advantages of altering the home décor.

  • If you alter the home décor as per their needs, it can make things easily accessible for them.
  • You will observe that the handicapped people will be able to manage most of the chores on their own.
  • You will be able to greatly reduce the accidents that may be caused to the physically challenged people.

You can help the physically challenged lead healthier and happier lives by simply providing them with simple amenities. You can make their life easy for them.

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