How Canada’s clean energy sector provides high amount of job opportunities

Environmental concerns have existed for as long as industrialism has been around,but the attitude towards preserving the environment varies from time to time. Currently, making environmentally responsible consumer purchases and living an eco-friendly lifestyle is so popular, that some even see it as a fashion statement. Businesses are feeling the pressure to make changes to their business practices, while others see an opportunity for a brand new product.

As such, there is a growing market for clean energy across the globe. Canada is a great place for those who have a passion for working towards a better, cleaner future.

There are many opportunities for those who have a variety of skills and talents.

Green energy production requires manpower

It may seem like removing fossil fuels from miles below the Earth’s surface require serious effort, but at this stage of development, green energy can actually take more human labor per unit of energy to produce.  Even though there have been incremental improvements, green energy isn’t as productive as it could be.  Coupled with the fact that Canada has vast natural resources ready to be a part of green energy solutions, jobs are opening up all across the country.

Investors are putting their bets on clean energy

In the past five years, investors have put over $25 billion into the industry and that number is anticipated to grow further. Tar sands mining and processing is not the money making venture when compared to drilling for crude oil, which is far more profitable.In addition, pipeline protests and environmental disasters involving oil spills have left consumers with a mixed attitude towards the future of cars that run on gas or diesel.

More investments leads to expansion and growth of green technology companies and some of that cash will go towards salaries and wages. Engineers are in high demand as companies are concerned about improving efficiency, creating innovative solutions, and cutting costs. In 2014, the entire green energy sector provided slightly more jobs than in the oil sands industry.

Provincial efforts are encouraging

There has been clear direction from the federal government to spur the creation of new businesses and jobs in the green energy sector.

The funding programs that are offered from the Government of Canada includes:

  • Clean Energy Fund
  • ecoENERGY for Renewable Power
  • ecoENERGY Innovative Initiative
  • Program of Energy Research and Development (PERD)

Students are introduced to the different sectors of the renewable energy field where they are given the required training. Both theoretical and practical applications in solar power, wind, solar thermal technologies and other forms of alternative energies are explored.  British columbia is legally required to have 93% of its utilities come from clean energy, while Ontario has a Long Term Energy Plan.

The Plan had a feed in tariff program to subsidize the capital installations of solar panels. It’s easy to foresee that other provinces will make similar moves to take steps towards environmentally friendly practices. For example, seaside wind turbines are becoming feasible and you can be sure to see them popping up in the provinces where conditions are suitable.

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