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  1. Alex@Jocuri

    Blogging isn't all that great if you start it only to earn money. Usually the best way it's you way. Start a blog, just for the heck of it. Then you slowly start to monetize it but don't overdo it.

    I am glad you are enjoying your blogging experience Richard.

    Have Happy New Year with bigger incomes and I hope you will enjoy the blogging experience next year too!

  2. Christina Crowe

    Awesome overview of how to make money blogging, Rich.

    Personally, I use affiliate marketing and ebook sales to generate review.

    I've never heard of the job board, though it definitely looks interesting. I don't like how it constantly scrolls though – it distracts me from what I'm reading at times. But I can definitely see how it can be a profitable source of income.


  3. Vivek Krishnan


    Its an amazing article..really brings out the richness of blogging..I believe blogging is all about sharing your opinions and if its working good enough to keep you motivated,its gonna earn you some money sooner or later…

  4. SEO Services india

    Yes i completely with your article you make a good money online,If my opinion you are making internet marketing keep up the good work.

    Keep posting we will wait for your future updates.


  5. Alex

    Hey Richard!

    Thanks for being so transparent and telling it how it is.

    I was actually thinking about the income I get from my blog (like you it is not worth writing home about) and it is certainly not coming from any of the places I expected it too.

    I guess, as you basically stated -it's not about the money but the journey to get to that point. Once you start driving you soon realise that the scenery is ever changing and so therefore are your 'driving styles'

  6. Sabrina

    I first started out with Blogger as well, but my blog got deleted. I decided if I was serious about blogging I needed to make the move to a self hosted blog.

    I am not blogging to become one of those super rich bloggers. But if it ever happened I wouldn't be sad :-). I am happy with the $50 to $100 that I make each month. Like you blogging has really become one of my favorite hobbies. I enjoy doing it no matter what I make.

  7. How To Make Money On

    very informative post, thank you so much for sharing with us :)

  8. Vinay Gohil

    Pretty impressive article. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your opinions.

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