How Exchanging Business Cards Promotes New Connections

Business cards have been in use since the ancient times and even in the era of paperless communication they offer immense advantages for the business. They help to gain the trust of the receiver as it shows that you have taken the business seriously. They are road map for opportunities and can prove to be real help for the business. It puts your business on paper and can remind the potential customer or vendor about the existence of your business.

Business card can be of very helpful in networking and making new connections. Although technology has made it easier to network with people but networking is all about making meaningful connections which might be difficult to achieve with the help of technology. Meaningful connections can be initiated with the conversations which can be further strengthened with a firm handshake and a card to remind the person about the meeting. Here, we have discussed 5 ways of how business cards can be used to promote new connections:

1. Displays professionalism

They portray the professional image of an individual or business at the first meeting. Although being a piece of paper they carry the most important contact details about an individual or the business. Exchanging business card is the professional way to exchange the required contact information. It helps to gain the credibility of the receiver as the business card showcases that the person is concerned about making the business card and hence will be concerned about the business also. Hence, it helps in making genuine and reliable contacts.

2. Reminds about the meeting

Cards act as a physical reminder about meeting with a person. They are more memorable than the jumbled up numbers on the screen. Moreover, it remains with the person even after the meeting has ended. They put face to the business and act as a reminder to the person. Even if they do not require the product or service at that point of time, it may be used to contact the person on a later stage. It is very useful in converting the leads into useful contacts.

3. Helpful in networking

They are an effective tool for networking. Even after the development of technology, they are widely in practice and as used by professionals as they create a lasting impact. They can be used to tap on the unexpected opportunities and random encounters. They can even accessed by people who aren’t techno-savvy and don’t use internet. Creative cards are generally shared by the people to others. This increases the chances of reaching the prospects and making more connections.

4. Convenient to use

They are very easy to use and convenient to carry. They do not have downtime or internet outage issues. Hence, they can be used at any time and any place. They can be carried all the time as they are portable, do not require more space and contain valuable information. Because of these features they are generally carried by the individuals and can be shared with the prospects. They can also be shared at public places like library, museums, clubs and places of social gatherings. It increases the chance of making good new connections.

5. Distinguishes from others

The technology has made it more accessible and vibrant as compared to the past. They are a great tool that can be used to differentiate from others. Cards that are unique shall be more retained and have the higher chances of being passed on to others; increasing the chances of reaching more people. They are always working for you even when the phones are dead and unreachable.


Business cards have been in use since ages and will be used for ages. Despite the development of technology and its impact on the business world, they have been preferred by the professionals. They are widely used in establishing the real contacts and widening the network.


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Amrit Dhangal is managing partner at The Business Printers Limited. He helps business by providing business card printing and advertising.

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