How Tablets Benefit Students

Teaching students the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic has come a long way in the last few years. Technology, such as a tablet PC, is now helping students learn their subjects in ways never thought imaginable just a decade ago. Tablets are connecting students to the world beyond the classroom with just a few screen touches.

But just how beneficial are tablets to learning? Although computers are not new to the classroom environment, the use of Android devices, such as portable Google Nexus 7 tablets, are becoming commonplace. Through tablets, educators can project lessons on screens or whiteboards, and students can easily follow along with a lesson.

There are many benefits for students and teachers who use tablets in the classroom:


  • Cost-effective: Using tablet devices with everyday studies can easily replace traditional tools such as notebooks, textbooks, written tests and quizzes. Eliminating the use of paper and ink can save struggling school districts thousands of dollars yearly. According to a survey conducted by the National School Supply and Equipment Association, teachers spent nearly $500 out of pocket for school supplies, instructional materials and other classroom supplies.
  • Versatile: Students can use tablets for taking notes, calculating figures, reading textbooks, taking tests, researching projects and watching relevant subject matter videos.
  • Transportable: Using a tablet for classroom work can simply be taken home and used for homework. Tablets can be taken on field trips or in other parts of a school to teach a lesson.
  • Information is more current: It’s obvious that looking up information online is easier than paging through a textbook. The same goes with the timeliness of the information found. Some schools have textbooks that are more than 10 years old, which normally doesn’t have the latest information on a subject such as art, science or history.
  • Active learning: Educators can use tablets for one-on-one learning with students just as easily as presenting a lesson for an entire group.  Feedback and communication from the students are easier to attain.
  • Convenient: Because of the number and variety of apps available, learning is not only fun, but convenient. Educators can find a number of free or low-cost apps that they can teach from within minutes and without leaving their classroom.
  • Allow for networking: Tablets allow students to interact with fellow students and share information, knowledge, videos, assignments and more. They also allow for instant feedback from teachers on assignments, tests, and other materials.
  • Fits students’ lifestyles: Today’s generation of students was born with a smartphone or other electronic device in their hands. Using tablets appeal to students who want to use them to learn.
  • Noise-free: Unlike laptops or desktop computers, tablets are virtually quiet with no keyboards or mouse clicking noises.


Future of Digital Education

School districts across the country continue to struggle to balance their budgets by realizing that they need to meet the demands of a growing digital world. One of the main ways to educate and prepare students for their future is by teaching them on tablets or similar devices. While not accepted by everyone yet, more and more schools are implementing tablets and digital learning into their classrooms.


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