How To Build A Good Blog Post Structure

There are a lot of important things you need to take care of if you want to build a successful blog. One of them is creating truly awesome content. And as it turns out, creating such content is just as much science as it is art.

Your posts need to have a good structure so they’re easy to follow along and speak the language your audience is speaking. The basic things are of course the headline (title), introduction, subheadings and closing. However, there are other parts you can include to improve your post’s structure. And that is what we will cover today. Let’s get started.

Powerful Opening

When writing your opening, make sure that you are able to grab the reader’s attention within the first 3 to 4 sentences alone. If you get your readers to read through the first sentences, they are more likely to read through the whole article.

Eye-Catching Images

Surely, images can add appeal to your post, but you need to pick only the relevant ones. People like visuals, it makes them more engaged and wanting to learn more. It also helps them absorb the information you’re providing better.

In picking your visuals, choose those that are of good quality and do not have watermarks. Aiming for 2-3 images per every post is a good start.

Making Big Promises

Your sub-headings aren’t just for making the article an easier read – breaking down the content. They are actually the part of your blog where you can make your big promises. Entice readers with your sub-headings by providing a benefit. The succeeding sub-headings will also describe the other benefits and expound on your promise further.

Emotional Content

To entice readers more and probably also get them to share your post later on, you must try to tug at their heartstrings. Aim to connect with your readers emotionally with the content you are writing. There are two benefits of doing this:

  • First, it retains the attention of the reader.
  • Second, they are more likely to take action after reading it.

Teach Them How To

Again, with your content, you always have to deliver on your promises by giving valuable and relevant information. Do you know that how-to articles are the most viral and useful type of articles? Tell the reader what to do, give easy-to-follow advice, help them get the results they want.

Social Share Buttons

Don’t forget to embed social media share buttons. If one of your call-to-actions is to get your post shared, then it is a no-brainer that you need to put your share buttons there. And even if this is not your main goal, readers who like your post will automatically want to share it with others too.

Click to Tweet Option

Within the content, place a click to tweet option for your reader, so they can share parts of the post with their Twitter friends easily. By including this option, you are subconsciously encouraging them to share a quote. And once they do, you’ll appear as an authority on the subject, hence, boosting your social media presence too.

Additional Parts

There are extra elements that you should add to make the presentation complete. For one, always include links to related articles, studies, tools, lists, and other things that will give your reader additional information. They will appreciate it.

These tips will help you build a good blog post structure. Try each element out to see what works for you.

Carrie is a writer and blogger. She’s all about learning the ways of the online business and sharing the knowledge with other people.

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