How to Close the deal on a Business Car Lease Takeover

If you are starting a business it is highly likely that you will need a business car to help get it off the ground. This is huge capital expense especially for small businesses. Well, most business owners today are leasing their fleets and you can join this trend. It is much cheaper and you will find the vehicle you want. However, you can get an even better deal through a lease takeover.

This is a deal where you assume the lease for a business car from the original lease holder. This means you will make the payments for the remaining period of time and you will save big on the cash advance for a traditional lease. The savings can be injected into your startup. The beauty of the deal is that you can still buy the vehicle at the end of the contract if it is still valuable to your business by then.

 Contacting the Lease Seller

If you are looking for high ROI for your startup a lease swap is the way to go. At you will find the largest market for good cars and the process is straight forward. Once you have identified the car model that suits your business it is important to visit this reliable lease transfer platform and contact the seller.

The beauty about the transaction is that everything about the car is listed in the Ad and there are minimal chances of buying a car that doesn’t suit you. Here are some of the points to consider before closing the deal:

  1. Check the lease contract: This is the document that gives every detail about the car you want to lease. It is importantly to scrutinize it especially for highlights such as the total mileage allowed, buy-out value, cost-per mile of exceeded mileage, monthly payment, security deposit requirements and other such details.
  2. Vehicle assessment: A business car is required to be in great condition to avoid multiple breakdowns which will cost your company. If you don’t have mechanical background, use of an inspection service. A reliable lease transfer will recommend such a company to ensure you are happy with the transaction. Verify the mileage and the condition of the car before the negotiations continue.
  3. Transfer fees: You have to agree who is going to cater for the transfer fees before going to the bank. While in most deals the lease buyers caters for the cost some sellers will pay this as an incentive.
  4. The transfer: The leasing service will be notified by a qualified negotiator from the company and when the deal has been accepted and your credit decision given you might be requested to meet at the leasing service offices for the exchange. Remember you will have to show proof of insurance and all fees payments for both parties.

Negotiating a lease transfer on your own will take time and it is important to leverage the services of a qualified lease takeover company. These companies understand all documentation and fees requirement. They make the process seamless and ensure you get the best deal on your business car.

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