How To Find Active Influencers On Various Platforms

Brands in various industries boost their sales by launching successful influencer marketing campaigns. When companies find the right influencers on multiple social platforms, they thrive in their industries. From Instagram to YouTube to Facebook, the possibilities are endless. Unfortunately, the key to success and the biggest struggle for most marketers is finding the right influencers to scale them up. In this post, you will learn how to find those influencers who are actively promoting themselves online.

Research Keywords

A great way to find influencers on social media is to research keywords on various social channels. This strategy enables you to find users who are relevant in your industry. You can use hashtags and social channel search bars to look up keywords. If you market for a yoga activewear company, you might search the hashtag “#yoga” on Instagram. The influencers who appear in the top hashtag results are good candidates to reach out to. They likely have followers who would be interested in the products or services you have to offer. Take advantage of the search tools social media platforms offer to find influencers that will scale your brand. 

Discover Trending Posts

Another way to find influencers on social media is to discover them through trending posts. Most social platforms make it easy to view top posts and profiles. Instagram offers a designated tab for browsing through trending posts. These accounts usually have enough followers and engagement to get their content trending. If you would like to find smaller influencers, you can also view hashtags in order of popularity on some social media channels. Consumers who use Facebook observe trending articles frequently and share them on their own timelines, increasing the chances of you seeing them further. If you browse through trending posts, you will surely find candidates who would earn you more followers and better engagement. Hence, you need to discover trending posts to find influencers on social media. 

Use An Influencer Platform

Moreover, influencer platforms provide marketing teams with ample opportunities. Websites such as enable you to search for influencers. You can filter your search based on influencer interests as well as location. This way, you can find influencers that will generate the most interest and engagement for your brand. Marketing professionals discover influencers looking for new roles within companies instantly with these tools. The top platforms even put you in direct contact with influencers who meet your qualifications. If you want a fast, easy, reliable solution to finding influencers across social platforms, an influencer platform is the perfect tool for you. 

Ask For Recommendations

Marketers also succeed in finding influencers when they ask their network for recommendations. This is a particularly beneficial strategy for marketers who already know influencers personally or have a decent following on social media. After all, they make the best connections to other influencers because they work alongside them on a daily basis. If you do not know any influencers personally, but know of some who would make great candidates, you can use their social pages to find recommendations. When you follow an account on Instagram, the social channel itself provides you with suggested accounts that are similar to the one you just followed. Use this tool as well as your personal connections to find influencers for your social media campaigns. 

Search On Popular Search Engines

Furthermore, you can discover quality influencers by searching on popular search engines. While this may seem like a fairly obvious avenue, many marketing professionals forget about search engines when searching for social media influencers. Although search engines like Google are not directly connected to social media accounts, they can identify popular social profiles, content and pages. By searching through the latest news and trends, you will find several influencers in your industry. Moreover, targeted keyword searches can offer you candidate options quickly. If you make your search specific and to the point, you can uncover quality influencers as fast as your internet can load. 

Before you can launch a successful influencer marketing campaign, you need to find the right influencers. To do so, research keywords through search bars and hashtags on your preferred social platforms. Do not underestimate how insightful the trending post sections of social channels are. Influencer platforms provide marketers with ways to search and communicate with influencers in their specific industries. Ask your connections for influencer recommendations. Search for popular influencers on search engines like Google for fast results. Consider these ways of finding social media influencers to boost your sales.

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