How to Find Free Resources to Help With Money Management

Do you need to get yourself and your family on a budget? Understanding financial management can help you in a variety of ways. Good money management can help you save money and get your finances on track. It can also help you further your career.

Check Your Local Colleges

check local colleges

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Many colleges today offer a variety of free classes for the community. Head over to the closest college and see what classes they are offering. Money management classes are the most common free classes, because they benefit everyone in the community. These classes include how to make and keep a budget, family money management, and in some cases money management for small businesses.

Online Classes are Readily Available

Online classes

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Did you know that you can take classes online for almost anything? If you do a search for free money management classes, you will get a variety of options. Some of these are webinars, others are classes offered by colleges and schools online. Whether taught by a financial guru or a professor, these classes will give you insight you won’t get anywhere else. The great thing about these classes is that you can take them at any time, and you don’t have to worry about making it into class on time. Pull up a webinar when you have a little free time on your hands, and you are ready to go.

The Government Invests in Your Knowledge

Invest in your knowledge

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There are free government classes and information on money management. The Financial Awareness Counseling Tool is a great option for anyone who has student load debt, or is considering picking up the debt to get a degree. It can help you understand how to manage your loans and budget. Check with your community center to see if your city is offering any classes to help you learn to effectively manage your money.

Check With Your Bank or Credit Union

bank or credit union

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Many banks and credit unions offer classes for those interested in money management. If your bank does not offer classes, keep in mind that other banks might. Check a variety of banks in your area. Banks frequently offer classes on credit card management, balancing a checkbook, and keeping a budget.

Facts and Stats

facts or stats

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  • According to the Financial Literacy Survey National Foundation for Credit Counseling, Inc., in 2008, only 59% of those ages 18-21 paid their bills on time each month.
  • Only 34% of teens have learned from their parents how to balance a checkbook, according to Charles Schwab’s 2008 book ‘Parent’s &Money.’
  • According to the Pew Research Center, in 2008 75% of Americans said that they are not saving enough money.

Furthering Your Career

further your career

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Whether you are considering Public Administration degrees, or you just want an extra boost in your current career, knowing about proper money management can help. When money is managed effectively, it shows that you are responsible and know how to be organized.

It doesn’t matter why you decide to take a money management course. The important part is that you are taking the step to secure your financial future.




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