How to get the maximum business exposure through social media marketing?

An active presence on the different social media channels can be the ideal way for your business to reach out to literally zillions of prospective customers over the web. However, it would be a folly if you thought that being present on social media only required the creation of static pages on Facebook and Twitter, and including widgets that link to them in your website design plans. In the present discourse, we will be acquainting readers about the way they can bolster their business through their social media profiles. If you are a newbie to this field, you will surely find the following tips to be useful:

  • Choose the channels your business should be represented on – That’s right, Facebook and Twitter are not the only channels through which you can promote your business. The importance of being present on networking sites like Google Plus and MySpace is increasing rapidly, while you also have the opportunity of sharing pictures and infographics through Pinterest and Tumblr respectively. Select the ones that would be best suited for your business.
  • Post content that have maximum potential of going viral – Why do you need to publish new posts on your social media pages? That’s right – to get people talking about your business, generating greater awareness for the latter in the process. Along with professional CMS website development services, you also need to select such content as social media posts, which have a high probability of generating ‘natural likes, shares and retweets’. Don’t put up controversial stuff though!
  • Bolster your brand presence – Your brand-building endeavors receive a boost – when you create social media profiles for your business. Make sure that the logos, symbols and other visual branding elements used on the social media pages are identical to those in your website design schemes. Any discrepancy on this count can indicate a lack of uniformity in your branding operations.
  • Provide real-time information and receive feedback – Via the social media pages, you can intimate all your subscribers/followers about the latest product launches, special offers, business policy changes, and other related, pertinent information. By the same token, you can also actively seek feedback on your products/services, and improve the latter (if required). Know more about the two-way communication that can be carried out through social media profile pages here.
  • Lend an extra edge to your web marketing campaigns – The social media channels are ideal for a more informal information exchange between you and the potential buyers – and this can really help you in marketing your products/services online. You need not use a strong sales pitch to make people aware of your offerings, which could have lowered your business credibility in the eyes of the users. Post regular updates about your products/services, have a user-friendly website development plan in place – and watch your sales and ROI figures soar!
  • Paid ad campaigns – Did you think that paid ads on the web was only about the advertisements that are displayed on the sides of the Google SERP? Not so! You can create and manage cost-efficient ad campaigns on channels like Facebook. With optimized ad copies, they can easily boost up your website traffic figures. Chances of profitable conversions also get a lift!

Remember, your social media page(s) are not substitutes of your main business website – but are only tools to promote the latter. Make sure visitors can easily navigate from the social media pages to your website. Don’t wonder whether you need to be present on social media – you simply cannot afford to do otherwise!

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