How to Improve your Finances when in a Low Income Job?

Many of us are in need of a helping hand when the jobs we have pay little in the way of much needed extras for the family.  Add to this scenario, the slowing economy and most of us find ourselves in need of a way to improve our financial situation.   There are many conventional and unconventional ways to earn a few more bucks. If you can identify your individual strengths, unique capabilities, aptitude and come up with an idea that will work for you, you are sure to succeed.  Let’s look at some ways that we can literally change our circumstances over night.  We would all do well to start moving in this direction quickly if we need extra income.

Ask for It – Nothing ventured, nothing gained; so ask for a promotion or raise. Just ensure that you select the time and mood when your boss is more likely inclined to act.  Start by listing your contributions to the team and find out if there is a chance of promotion with a corresponding raise in the salary. You never know what you might get. Sometimes simply asking if you can do more to earn more is good enough.

Start a business – Anyone can start a business; start with something simple like mowing a lawn or painting jobs or cleaning jobs. You can paint homes or clean rain gutters, garages, etc. These are ideal part time jobs that can be tackled successfully during weekends, with no or minimal financial input or great talent needed, you don’t need to be certified or have any special training.

Sell It – Look in your garage or attic and you will find a lot of useless old things, like your child’s pram or your old ice skates, or maybe even a musical instrument that you no longer have time for. So why let them sit there gathering dust? Either list them on Ebay or Craigslist, or better yet, hold a garage sale. You can even downsize your furniture and other items that over the years have lost their meaning for you.

Improving your income is one of the main ways to improve your life. By taking stock of your situation and taking a few steps like the ones aforementioned; your financial situation can be improved.  Start selling old things, taking on odd jobs, and if possible; ask for that raise. When you see the additional money coming in, you’ll be happy you did.

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