How To Launch A Well-Rounded Marketing Campaign

As you get deeper into the final steps of developing your products and opening your storefront, you will begin to realize that being quiet won’t generate customers. It’s pretty rambunctious in commerce these days, and in order for you to succeed you will have to get a bit noisy too. In fact, you will have to get even noisier than your competition if you intent to secure your position on the top.

The only way to make some noise and strengthen brand awareness is to continuously market your business and your products. Launching marketing campaigns may sound overwhelming to novice business owners, but it doesn’t have to be – with careful research and planning, marketing your business will become second nature.

Here’s how to launch a well-rounded marketing campaign:

Create logo and taglines: Before you launch a marketing campaign, you have to give your audience a few things to associate with your business and your products. In the world of commerce, this association is usually represented by a logo and catchy taglines. The logo and taglines need to creatively convey the messages of your business. Once you have developed your award-winning logo and taglines, you need to put it on everything to do with your business – on your website, social media profiles, products, packaging, promotional items and other such items.

Research and development: Your campaign will surely fail if you launch before properly researching and developing. Take some time to properly research your industry, as well as most effective methods of marketing. Additionally, you should take a peek at your competition – study their campaign strategies, look at their customer feedback and take inspiration. Once you have gathered enough research material, you will need to develop your campaign. Determine your campaign launch date as well as how long your campaign will run, your budget and your methods of marketing.

Gather brand ambassadors: You cannot effectively make noise about your business all by yourself, in fact, you will need as many people as you can get that are willing to promote your brand alongside you. You should have both virtual and in-person ambassadors – give them their list of duties and dates in which to promote. Your brand ambassadors can market your business by posting content on their industry relevant social media profiles and forums, distributing promotional items, samples, and coupons and by posting your links on their websites.

In-store marketing: In-store marketing is just as important as online marketing for strengthening awareness and generating repeat customers. Take the time to properly design your store so that customers feel welcome and navigation is fluid. Store your products in well-designed custom corrugated displays such as floor displays and counter displays. And, you can design informative standee displays, give out promotional items and offer reward cards.

SEO: Search engine optimization has become one of the most important methods of marketing businesses of all sizes. When seekers use search engines to look for products, the listings that appear highest will get the most attention. Therefore, it is important that your brand is on the top of that list. A healthy search engine placement will increase brand recognition and traffic as well as develop trust, loyalty and increased customers. Partner with a high-quality SEO company to help you develop effective optimization tactics.

Social Media and content marketing: Social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram are the most trending communication outlets on the internet. Use them to communicate with your target audience as well as market your products and build loyalty. Additionally, you should use your website and newsletters to create strong industry relevant content that will spark interest and increase traffic.

Purchase ads: There are many options when it comes to purchasing ads for your campaign – you can display banner ads on industry websites or purchase PPC ads. If your budget allows, you can purchase ads in local newspapers, radio programs, TV or podcast.

Once your first campaign has finished, you can use the results to determine the strategies for your future campaigns.

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