How to Make a Social Media Contest to Get Convertions?

Running contests is a strategy used for publicity by the traditional marketing strategists. These campaigns gave good results for the brands by creating awareness among the public about the brand and products. Now it is the era of digital marketing. However, conducting contests online were not much successful until the day social media evolved.

With the social media, the old promotional strategy takes new ways and plays a key role in getting tremendous leads to the brands. I can strongly recommend the social media contests for any business, be it a startup or a big brand, cite the following reasons:

  1. On social media, creating a fan page is the essential. Your next step is to get a good fan base for the page. But, how? Your page must attain the attention of the users and make them spend a part of their time for your page. The only thing with this capability for a business page is a Contest. With this, you can create a great fan base for your page.
  2. Once you made your audience like your page, you could create some engagement with them. This engagement is a great chance for you to build credibility.
  3. For an online business, a variety of data is important.  You need not struggle to build the data. Just go ahead with a proper strategy and run a contest on the social media. This  can produce tons of data for you. However, user-generated data is very effective in getting results.
  4. You need not invest budget for promotion of the contests. If you manage to reach a good number of targeted users, your contest can go viral on the social media. So, with a lesser investment, you are getting a bigger  outreach.

I hope, now you understood the importance of the social media contests for your business promotion. And they are worth of their investment. I can give some examples to support my confession.

The Prepared Pantry, an Idaho-based store business, ran a sweepstakes contest, alluring fans to enter its social networking contest. It  offered a top notch panini maker. To enter, fans just needed to give their name and email, like, share and tweet the business’ facebook and twitter pages.

The Prepared Pantry’s contest got 4,392 impressions and caught 1,972 user entries. That is a conversion rate of around 45%! A conversion rate more than 40% is fantastic. After this one contest, the organization now has just about 2,000 new email subscribers.

So now, it is your turn to run contests on the social platforms and create a buzz in the digital marketing. We can call a contest successful only when it get a good conversion rate. This is the thing we should give a thought to. Now, I would like to suggest you some tips for a successful campaign of your brand.

#1 Make Sure You are Making a Mobile-Friendly Contest

The use of the social media increased rapidly just because of the mobile users. Facebook discloses that among its 1.04 billion daily active users, 934 million are mobile users only. There is nothing exaggerating. Just observe your surroundings. Even yourself might be using your mobile phone to browse facebook. So, it is essential to make sure you are running a mobile-friendly contest.

#2 Promote the Contest on all Available Channels

It’s great that you are launching a contest. But, how could users know about this? So, make a strategy for its promotion. This is not a big deal. You can use all the available social media networks and email services for a great outreach.

Use share buttons on the landing page of your website. So that, your users will share it on various social platforms. Your audiences are your promoters. This would bring you a great response from all social users.

Sharing the link on facebook is a better idea as it displays the featured image automatically. Then after, use cross promotion to reach all the social media networks. A great feature image does a lot for you. So, make sure that you are attaching an image that clearly describes your story. The better image measurements are 1200 x 628 pixel.

#3 Use a Clock to Show some Urgency

Incorporate a countdown timer to make earnestness and spur individuals to change over. The commencement clock passes on outwardly that time is running out.

When you pick a time slot for your campaign, remember that more time gap kills direness. Then again, you’ll have to likewise permit enough time for word to spread about your contest. The ideal time span to run your contest is around 7-10 days. The accurate time period where your crusades change over best will be something that you find through constantly testing, as this can shift crosswise over various commercial enterprises and sorts of fans.


Running a contest will get you many results. You need to keep your best efforts to get a good conversion rate. On the other hand, you can get great user generated content which is potential for your customer relations.

So before making a contest, set some clear cut goals like getting user generated content, getting a huge list of email ids, reaching more people, showcasing your products etc. Just write down your goals so that you can make a proper plan further.

Attracting the users is very important. The prize or sweepstake you are offering for the contest is the centre of attraction. So, the prize you are offering should be relevant to your business and attract the targeted users.

What do you think about the above strategy? How do you make a Social Media Contest to get Conversions?? Share your experience with us and let us know what do you think!!!

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