How to Make Extra Money at Home by Blogging

Blogging is a very interesting thing. Blogging is a very large media to earn money from online. Many of us are earning money by blogging. There are several ways to earn money from blogging, such as: google adsence, review posting and advertisement.

Things you need to know if you are interested to earn from blogging:

  • You have to select a specific subject, because if can select a specific subject, you will be able to apply full concentration on that subject.
  • You have to select such a subject, in which you have a deep knowledge, because if you have a vast knowledge you will be able to continue your blogging. The main theme of blogging is spreading your knowledge in such a way, so that the visitors get attraction to that topic.

Tactics of earning money by blogging:

  • You can earn from google adsense. Everyday we visit many sites for many purposes; there we see “Ads by Google”. Yes, this is called google adsense. For google adsense you have to have a gmail account. Then sign up for google adsense. After verifying your adsense request, if you are eligible for this, you will get an adsence code, submit this code in your site and you will be paid for every payable click.
  • Another important thing to earn from blogging is SEO. You have to do SEO(search engine optimization) for your site regularly. So you have to have a good knowledge in SEO. If you do SEO of any site search engines will show that site in the first search list. Visitors will click of your site’s link and you will have a good number of visitors of your blogging site.
  • If your blog is popular enough many companies will want to publish review for their product or website and by publishing the reviews you will get some extra cash.
  • If your blogging site have a page ranking 3 or more than 3 and have a good position in alexa ranking, you can earn money by selling back links.

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There are many websites who pay for publishing their advertisement. If you want to earn by this way you need to register as a publisher in this sites and you will earn by publishing the ads in your blogging site. Such kinds of sites are:

  • Clicksor: It is a popular ad company. Here you can earn money by publishing ads in your blogging site. To publish ad from here you have to register as a publisher and successful registration you will be able to publish ad in your blogging site. In clicksor you will get two types of ads. These are:
  1. text link ads
  2. pop up ads.

Clicksor gives payment through paypal, bank-ware and cheque.

  • Infolinks: It is also a popular company. Here you will get text link ads.
  • Bitvertiser: It is also so good ad company. Here you will be able to withdrow your balance when it reaches to a amount of 10$.

These are the tactics. Learn enough about these sectors and start earning money from blogging. Thank you.


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