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  1. Tristan

    Wow! Great post, Richard!! I was surprised to see a picture of me there in the post :)

    Thanks for the tip about the SEO Tool-Keyword Density Checker. That looks pretty awesome!

    I also really like the idea of posting a couple reference article that link back to your blog post. I've heard some people say to post your original article at a few other areas, but that's always seemed like a mistake to me due to the whole duplicated content thing.

    The Free Traffic System thing looks interesting. I'll have to look into that.

    Again, awesome post. Thoroughly enjoyed and retweeted.

  2. Barbara Ling, Virtua

    I personally just like buying Google and pointing all the outgoing links back to my site.



  3. BlogTipss

    Beautiful post Richard. It seems that you

  4. Steve@Lifestyle Desi


    Very complete post. I think you managed to go over just about every single important part of blog promotion except maybe social aspects (social networking, commenting etc.)

    Very complete and a wonderful resource for anyone with a blog, both newbie and experienced.

    Thanks, nicely done, I hope you have a great week.

  5. Alex@Jocuri

    Hey Richard,

    It amazes me how few people know about free traffic system, this is a great way to promote your new articles or get them indexed quickly (if you have a premium account).

    You can also use Imautomator (which also has a free version) to submit your link to some social networks (the networks are kind of crappy but it works).

    By the way, I am a star now, all can see me on this post's picture, no paparazzi please :)

  6. Fran Aslam@Kw writer

    Hi Richard:

    Wow what a beautiful post you have written, A comprehensive blog post. I loved reading every bit of it. Today is my lucky day for information. This is the third site I am reading that has great information. From key words to the directories all is worth using for all bloggers.

    Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing.

    fran A

  7. Justin Germino

    I didn't know Onlywire had a wordpress autoposter plugin, I was doing it manually through the onlywire downloader all this time.

    Though I have my feed read into Digg automatically.

  8. Calgary Apartments F

    My friend have told me that wordpress plug in make your work faster and more convenience. Thanks for your very informative post. I

  9. Bryan

    Hey Richard,

    Great post here! Must have taken you a lot of time to source out the information. I think Onlywire is a must use for everyone. IMAutomator is great too. But I personally prefer Onlywire but that;s for personal reasons anyway. Hmm, Free traffic system, now I'm one of those people who haven't checked that out yet :P

  10. Tia

    I'll look into the free traffic system thing, too. It looks interesting.

    I don't do much active promotion of the blog posts, although when I was guest posting, that helped create a big shift in traffic.

    I've found that keeping my RSS email subscription up and also using Scribe SEO is a good combination. The majority of returning traffic is via the RSS feed, and the majority of unique traffic is via search engine, and to make that is a perfect combination!



  11. Rammesh@ One Dollar


    Awesome post Richard, juicy tips. I will be working on some of your tips. Thank you for sharing :). Have a great day.

  12. Aaron Fuller

    In promoting a blog, one must do everything to reach out to potential audience. There are lots of linkbuilding process that we could actually make use of. However, we need to make sure that we did it in a nice way, not just to spam other sites.

  13. Chadrack@Money Makin

    Hi Richard,

    You've made a detailed post on blog promotion here. Must say thanks for this great work. I've been using a similar system for promoting my blog for some time now. I use the SEO Tool-Keyword Density Checker to optimize each post in conjuction with All In One Search Engine Optimization plugin. I've heard of the free traffic system some time ago and even checked it out but have never brought myself to using it. I'm definitely including it in my strategies right away. And thanks for mentioning the Keyword Eye. That's one that I've never heard about. We need more of detailed posts like these. Thanks a million!

  14. Patricia@lavenderuse

    Hi richard

    I am bookmarking this post as there is so much for me to take in. Thanks for sharing such an informative post with us. Much appreciated. There are things I haven't used as yet and will be working my way through to see what is helpful for my blog.

    Patricia Perth Australia

  15. Brandon Cox

    Sweet tips! I love the OnlyWire plugin and hadn't seen it yet. Thanks for pointing that out! Another thing I do is subscribe to all of my own feeds and then share them in Google Reader, which not only integrates with buzz, but also spits out another feed that can be used in other places.

  16. Sathish @ TechieMani

    Hi Richard, you have listed some powerful ways to promote blog articles. Well I have tried most of these tips already, but the only thing which I haven't tried till now is the blog social networking communities. I am straight away heading towards them for creating an account and I hope that I will make the most out of them soon. Thanks for sharing an useful article.


  17. Fernando

    Nice Stuff Richard!

    I actually use the tips you gave so that makes me feel really safe knowing the way I'm going is the right one :)

    Hope to see you around!

  18. Gamelicker

    Pretty good post with loads of useful information in it. It is amazing how internet can be different in each country. You know, I come from the Czech Republic and there are no useful services such as commentluv and the free traffic system in Czech language and for Czech people. And these services are so useful. You have just given me a great idea of how to setup similar services for Czech audience. Thanks for very useful information.

  19. Donace

    Great writeup man, some useful plugins there; think i'll grab one / two of those.

  20. Dana

    I my self have used the twitterfeed and utilized commentluv as marketing way for my article. I will check other options that you mentioned here to see whether it can improve my marketing venture.

  21. Jassen

    Richard, great info in this post. I have started using commentluv and the free traffic system. Looking forward to trying the others. Thanks!

  22. adnes

    Wow thanks for this, i would apply it to my site to get more backlinks and possible high pr…

  23. Sharonsellsdecatur

    I've spent the past 2 months learning everything I can about blogging and your post was wonderful – filled in alot of blank, misunderstood concepts. Thank you!

  24. Calgary Apartments

    Hi Richard,

    Thanks for the informative post. I Like your section on keyword research. I think if you are creative you can do your keyword research and still write a post geared toward real people.

    I also believe that if you have quality, useful content and publicize it using social media sites such as twitter, etc. that bloggers in your niche will refer others to your site naturally.

    Keep up the good posts!


  25. zik

    i like using commentluv plug-in…
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  26. clea

    Awesome post!! Richard, Im new to blogging and this is one of the most helpful things I have read ever! Thank you ever so much! Have a great day! Clea
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  27. Amanda

    Thanks for letting me know about your site. it is very helpful. ive been trying to get traffic to my blog for a long time now.
    My recent post Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

  28. Calgary DUI Lawyer

    I've used blogging quite effectively on several blogs I've written in the past. I am a huge proponent of WordPress and I've found a few really great tools for onsite SEO. My favorites are the SEOPressor, which provides a grade, or score for relevancy. The second is the All-In-One-SEO package. It allows you to control meta data for each article or post you publish.

    Nice article by the way.
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  29. Calgary Plumber

    Thanks for the great tip on WP Onlywire Autoposter! I have been looking for a plugin to do this for months!

  30. delwratten

    Great article, thanks Richard. I still have lots to learn, but when I stumble across a post such as yours, I feel like I can do this too, by following your lead.


  31. Rob

    Hey Richard,

    With Free Traffic System do you submit any old posts off your blog to build links to those pages? Or, just write separate articles pointing back to said page?

    Very informative article. Thanks.

  32. ladan

    Thanks for the great tips Richard. They are worth a million. Very complete and informative! I bookmarked a lot of the sites you recommended so I can sign up for them. Appreciate it. I also retweeted, I think everyone with a blog can benefit form this article.
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  33. sally brown

    Wow! You have filled this article with some of the best info I have heard yet. I will definitely be keeping this bookmarked as there are some good things in it that I need to incorporate into my blog. I thing the Google Ad Tools for keyword search is one thing and to do keyword search with each post is a fantastic idea! I saw that the other keyword link has a cost and at this time I can't afford anything more.

    Thank you so much for this post. Sally
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  34. Susi

    Great article. I'm new to blogging and learn something new everyday. I will definitely try some of these tips. Thanks!!!
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  35. Scott Kelley

    Thanks for the invite through twitter and sending me a direct message telling me about your work here. I don't know if you saw my post but none the less i enjoyed reading your article. For a while I thought I was just writing for myself, an outlet and hobby. Going through the motions figuring it out on my own. But i do enjoy writing and sharing, reading what others publish. I have to agree with you on how cold the internet can be and is. But it is getting better. Have a wonderful day and I would love to have you as a guest on my blog if you are interested.
    My recent post Google + Elevates Uniqueness

  36. Ingrid

    Hi there,

    Loving your site. Am writing my first blog now to launch in late Dec or early Jan. Am doing more follower building in Twitter first and also some planning. Want to get some articles on the site before I go live.

    But I have so many questions to ask – here is one – and wonder if you can help?

    How do I get the logos of all the websites I belong to (Twitter, Facebook etc) onto the blog? I have never done this before and can't work out how to get them to appear somewhere. Any ideas?

  37. Kent @ Make Extra Money Online

    Congrats on this EPIC. I was referred by SPI. I am ramping up my blog and will exercise your tips. Thanks!

    1. richescorner

      @Kent @ Niche Marketing Tips Kent, thanks for stopping by. It’s always a pleasure to have a visitor show up from SPI. That’s an awesome blog and I’m always honored to have someone from Smart Passive Income pick up some of my tips! Have a great day!

  38. NicheIncomeLab

    Just found this on SPI. Great points to promote your blog article. Thanks for the tips.

    1. richescorner

       @NicheIncomeLab Glad you enjoyed this article.  I always love to see visitors from SPI.  :)

  39. TonyAdams2002

    Fabulous article, thanks for tweeting me the link.  I love the idea of posting to many social media sites…simple but effective.  
    I’m going to retrofit a whole bunch of these steps into my blog and see the impact!  I will let you know.
    All the best, 
    Tony (Melbourne, Australia)

    1. richescorner

       @TonyAdams2002 I’m glad you found this article helpful.  I think these methods are a good mix of using social media as well as SEO in the most efficient way I could find to promote my blog.  Let me know how it works for you.  Thanks for visiting and have a great day!

  40. FX Web Design Perth

    Hi Richard,
    Great article. I’m new to blogging and have read a lot about ignoring search engines as much as possible with many people pushing guest blogging and writing strictly for human readers. Im sure it works well but its very hard for someone new to blogging to get into the circle. Its refreshing to see some different insights and some great tools for promoting articles. Time to do some more reading, thanks for the links :)

    1. richescorner

       @FX Web Design Perth Thanks Marcel.  It’s hard as a new blogger to build up traffic and promote your blog.  I’m glad you found these tips practical for you.  Good luck with your new blog!

    2. richescorner

       @FX Web Design Perth Thanks Marcel.  It’s hard as a new blogger to build up traffic and promote your blog.  I’m glad you found these tips practical for you.  Good luck with your new blog!

  41. FeliciaFD

    Great Info here Richard!! Thank you for sharing this information on generating more traffic to our blog posts. 

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    I was recommended this blog via my cousin. I am now not sure whether this

    publish is written by him as nobody else recognize such designated about my trouble.

    You are wonderful! Thank you!

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