8 responses to “How to Promote Your Job Board”

  1. Kavya Hari

    Those points would be more helpful to promote your job board. And, it's going to get high traffic to your blog :)
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  2. Civil Engineering Jobs

    We are building our own job site and this article was really useful for the begineers like us. Huge thanks for the valuable information. Hope you can come up with more articles on this topic.

  3. Civil Engineering Jobs

    Author, Please can you check my job site: http://jobs.thecivilengg.com and make review of it. Can you pls tell more of what to do to make it popular.

  4. Gigajob_UK

    I liked the idea of placing classified listings… will definitely give it a shot… Thanks for sharing these wonderful tips… some how I feel promoting a job board is lot more difficult 

  5. Lee

    Just set a board up at http://www.bradford.co and thought about keeping it free for the foreseeable future to get it off the ground.

  6. DJ

    Great post, and very helpful as I am working on promoting my job board!

  7. jay lartey

    the best one is the craigslist, as it can help with get you site known or driving more traffic. Thanks

  8. Job Philippines

    I’ve been searching for an effective way to promote my job site specially now that Google is always having an algo update. Thanks for sharing your tips specially the craiglist and classified ads.

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