How to Recruit Superstar Resource That Will Benefit Your Company.

What do the biggest business tycoons and inspirations like Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs and David Ogilvy have in common? A philosophy that employees are the most important asset for the organization.

Making and building a company is the first step, however, building a legacy takes strategies and planning so it can live forever. I was watching an interview of a seasoned recruiter while browsing my Mediacom cable. And here is what he has to say:

Ingredients for Hiring Capable Resources

Choosing your employees and assigning them tasks according to their capabilities and strengths require expertise and ensures a success which can last. Utilizing the resources and making them feel an important part of your organization is something significant. Employers and Recruiters should consider that new hires and currently employed people are their company’s ambassadors and they should be treated that way. Finding the right match according to the job description is the real deal. Greatest minds in the most successful businesses have set some unsaid rules in which they have acknowledged their employees. Employees are the assets of any company hence treating them well, training them, acknowledging their efforts and empowering them will always pay back and add value to the larger picture. 

–    Study your competitors.

–    Observe how the most successful companies hire.

–    What would like to be offered if you apply for your favorite tech company?

–    Why would anyone leave their current job for your start-up? Find reasons.

–    Aim for the best; especially the ones that look impossible when you go through their profile.

What are the signs your company needs hiring?

To ensure the business is on the progressive track and maintain high employee morale; watch out for the below-mentioned signs indicating it’s time to grow your team:

–    A rapid increase in employee turnover.

–    Unexpected spikes in customer complaints.

–    Increase in overtime costs.

–    Not meeting goals on a constant basis.

–    Frequent deadlines extensions.

–    Inability to work or bring new projects.

–    No new/big clients for the longest periods.

–    Arising need for bringing specialized skill-set.

How to hire a top-notch resource:

1.    Keep your standards high

For maintaining quality in a longer run, keeping and following a standard is what we need. Once the standard bar is lowered for either reason that will indicate that anyone can get there – as there are no particular prerequisites. What would you like your employees to feel like when they get on board; they are working in a world class top-notch workplace or any local store? Endorse your former and currently working employees and highlight their contributions. This will make your company appear as one of the most desirable employers to work with.

2.    Walk them through the roadmaps

As once a wise person said, “Small minds discuss people; average minds talk about events, and great minds talk about ideas”. Hence, involving your employees in the process makes them feel valued. Involve them; take their word. Taking teammates opinion for crucial decisions or even something minute, bringing the plan into their knowledge, sharing and discussing the roadmap with each individual onboard will give them confidence once they get the sense of involvement. Selling your idea to your employees is as significant as getting approval from clients. Not lesser than any external validations for sure. If in case, the idea or process lacks faith from the people who are working on it – bringing the desired outcome can become a bit of challenge.

3.    Inquire what they want

The smartest people listen more and talk less. Therefore, inquire, discuss and try to comprehend for your own clarity and absorb the answers. The key to influence anyone is to get to know what they are looking for; comprehend what are driving factors for employees in the market, their desires, and what measures you can take to entertain them. Ask questions to get what they are looking for and then sell your idea.

4.    Accept your weaknesses

The primary way out to combat your weakness is to recognize and accept that. Owning your weaknesses is an ingredient of seducing and influencing anyone. The candidates should be highly skill-full in all the areas where you may lack, or else you will end up micromanaging forever. Save your time and invest it on something productive than educating your new hires the things you are expert at and they know nothing about.

5.    Highlight your strengths

Progressive people who possess great minds are always on the go to learn something new and explore new horizons. Highlight and put forth what work and growth opportunities you can get them. Market the strengths and achievements of your organization so far. The cherry on the cake, if you can mention something you have achieved as a team. In the end, you are what you hire not what you tell. If you have highly skilled people from the market, you have something to flaunt about. It feels good to have brilliant minds around you.

6.    Offer something worthwhile

The smartest and greatest resources will not settle for an ordinary offer. If you still manage to hire a capable resource on your terms i.e. less price; they will regret it later and you don’t want that. A demotivated brilliant resource won’t feel utilized but manipulated. Make it look like a deal; a good business deal. In this unusually competitive market such as tech, if in case, you do not afford them, go for less but do not compromise on the quality. Paying someone less to save money can cost your business a great loss. It is good to pay someone what they are capable of earning; nothing more than that or less than that. Fair game.

7.    Make them feel important

When recruiter/employer takes time to think by saying “we will get back to you” – that’s a passive approach and comes off as weak and clueless. Make the candidate feel that hiring them is important for you, it will get you and your company credibility in the market as an employer. Be clear about your decisions. Respect the resource.

The bottom-line is: If people are leaving you or not accepting your job offers – you need to figure out what is the root cause so it can be fixed. Your people are your assets and play the role of an ambassador as soon as they step out of your company. Plus, your best people are your revenue generators. If money is all your company can offer; you are not an ideal employer or recruiter while offering a job.

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