How to See the World When You Don’t Have the Income to Allow it

There are so many places to see in the world and so many fantastic sights, however, travelling to so many different places is not cheap. Many of us don’t have the budget to go sightseeing and resign ourselves to a life without travel. However, that needn’t be the case with many schemes in place now that allow you to travel without the price tag. Here are a few options available which could help you realise your dream of seeing the world without emptying your bank account.

Air miles

One great way of saving money on travel is to sign up to an Air miles scheme which is basically a reward card which awards customers air miles each time they spend a certain amount of money on their card. It works in a similar way to store credit cards and if you spend enough on them, the air miles soon amount to provide you with flights to a distant destination.

There are several schemes all which offer their own deals and offers, some offer bonuses awarded when you reach a certain spending limit. You need to be careful when signing up as they all operate in different ways and one card provider may be far more suitable for you than another, depending on your spending habits.

Some credit cards are perfect for big spenders who spend ten of thousands every month while others are better for people who spend smaller amounts. It is advised that to get the best from your air miles card you should place as many of your monthly outgoings on your card as possible and then pay it off at the end of the month. That way you achieve maximum miles but wipe your debt each time. To do this it is advisable to calculate all your outgoings and make sure without doubt, that your incomings will cover the entire cost. Avoid unnecessary treats and extras to avoid debt. Use these cards wisely, not only do you build up your credit limit, but you also gain the air miles.

Exchange programs

This is a relatively new idea but is catching on and becoming very popular with people who want to explore the world but can’t afford the accommodation prices. Exchange programs allow people to sign up from around the world and register their details online or with an agency. Basically the scheme works on a house swap basis where you allow people visiting your country to stay in your home and you can travel abroad and stay in their home.

Everyone is checked out to make sure they are suitable to be involved within the program and users are then matched with people who want to visit their location and vice versa. It essentially gives people the comforts of home and a chance to travel without stumping up for a hotel room or apartment. To ensure guests don’t cause any damage or steal anything an inventory is always written up to make sure properties are left in the state they were found in and insurance is recommended to cover any problems. It is an innovative idea which also means that houses are not left empty when owners go on holiday, so reduces the risk of burglary and vandalism while they are not present.


Again, this is a relatively new idea but is a great way for backpackers and travelers to see the world without the cost. It involves people giving up their couches or spare beds to travelers who are in their area and need a place to stay.

You will need to register first through one of the several websites who offer the service and then you will be matched up to people who live in the area you are looking to travel to. Usually, your house will also offer you something to eat in the evening and morning before you set off on your travels again.

About the author: Hannah works for top money saving site vouchercloud. She loves anything to do with money saving, and is always looking for new innovative ways to make her money go further.

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Hannah works for top money saving site vouchercloud . She loves anything to do with money saving, and is always looking for new innovative ways to make her money go further.

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