How To Sell Your Used Items On Craigslist

Selling Unwanted Stuff on CraigslistOver a period of time, every household tends to accumulate items that lie around unused for months and then years. You can safely assume that any item lying around in the house unused for the past 6 months probably won’t be used in the future. Such items just add to the clutter at home, and their value keeps depreciating with time. One reason people keep items they no longer use is that they spent their hard-earned money on them, and throwing them into the junkyard seems like a waste.

What to Do with Your Unwanted Stuff?

Don’t you wish that someone would find all your useless items useful and buy them from you? You will be surprised to know that there are always buyers looking out for cheap bargains on the very items for which you have no use. Buying from you gives shoppers a better deal than buying from a shop, and you will end up earning some surplus cash in return. The good news is that you can easily do that online while sitting in the comfort of your home. All you need is a PC, an internet connection, and a digital camera.

How to Start

The first step is to head to The website is user friendly and pretty self-explanatory. In brief, you first choose the state where you are living by clicking on the link that says “US States.” Then choose the city where you reside from the list of cities. Alternatively, you may directly land on your city’s page by going to For example, if you are living in Denver, then go directly to

Next, click on the “post to classifieds” button on the left side under the Craigslist logotype. This will bring you to a page that asks you to choose from a list of posting types. Since you are interested in selling your stuff, click on the “for sale” button. This will bring you to a category page that features a list of some 100 categories, including electronics, antiques, bicycles, used cars, boats, furniture, kids stuff, etc. Choose the category under which your item falls. If you find it difficult to categorize your item appropriately, click on the category “general for sale.”

Next you will be asked to narrow down your location by choosing the area nearest to you. Your posting will appear on the main page corresponding to your city.

Title and Copy of the Posting

You will need to enter a title and description of your item for sale. This provides buyers with detailed information, including a short description of the item you want to sell, the expected price, and your contact details. The description of your item should be catchy and interesting, but not exaggerated and false. You will have the option to choose whether or not you want the buyer to see your contact details. If you are selling something very expensive, it is advisable not to make your contact details available publicly, for obvious reasons. If you choose to withhold personal information, a potential buyer will only be able to contact you through Craigslist.

Before moving on to the final step, make sure that all the fields in green are filled in, and check the accuracy of the entries.

Final Step

Though this step is optional, it can be of immense help in finding a genuine buyer for your item. It involves taking a couple of good-quality pictures of the item on your digital camera and uploading them on the space provided. You can put up to 8 images of the item.

Your ad is ready now and will stay there for 45 days after you submit, and if need be, you may renew it after that. Keep the confirmation mail you receive from Craigslist in your mailbox for future reference. Happy selling!

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