How to start your own Photo store and Make Money

Photo store, as the name suggest, is an online store that sells photographs and images. With an ever growing World Wide Web, there’s always a need for more and more images to make the websites and blogs look more appealing. Surprisingly though, while we see more and more people providing content writing services, we hardly see professionals offering good quality photographs or images for the websites or bloggers. Of course there are large stock photography websites like iStockphoto, or thinkstock, and you can use them for selling your photographs, but having your own store will surely give you a lot more control and even better prices (but less exposure).

Looking at the stupendous growth of Internet and how aesthetics are becoming more and more important, we can safely assume that the demand will result in more professionals using this opportunity to earn some extra income. If you are an aspiring photographer, and good at graphic designing at the same time, you can think of starting a photo store of your own and earn good regular income from your hobby … here’s how.

Get yourself a DSLR Camera:

You will have to start from investing on a good quality DSLR camera. Don’t rely on cheap alternatives like the camera in your mobile phones, or an entry level camera, because having a good DSLR camera will let you have much better, high resolution images. DSLR camera can bring a lot more to the table as compared to some entry level cameras. That might cost you a little, but the resulting photographs will ensure that it was well worth your money.

Learn the nitty-gritty of photography:

Regardless of the talent or fondness you have for photography, you will have to learn the basics of photography, from lighting, to camera controls, and from composition to reflectors, having all this information will take your photography to different heights altogether, and the best part is, all of this information is available for free at different websites. Not only that, but you will have to learn some photo editing techniques to pep up your photographs.

Learning about the copyrights:

You will have to provide your customers with a detail of copyrights and licensing along with the images at your store. There are many different types of licenses that you can offer for different prices. Also, you will have to learn about the model release form, that you need to obtain from people who are easily recognizable in your photographs, and other similar requisites.

Setting up a store:

You will have to choose a good web host, because hosting a photo store with lots of high resolution images on an average shared hosting plan is not a good idea. You must go for a host with ample disk space and bandwidth to allow hassle-free uploading and downloading of the images. You will also need to install a good CMS, and a shopping cart to make the navigation and purchasing process as easy as ABC.

Making money:

Making money from a photo store is quite straight forward, you need to sell images to make money and for that you will have to promote your store. You can easily do the promotion by optimizing your photo store for relevant keywords, using social networks, guest blogging on established blogs, getting banner ads at relevant websites, and the likes. You can also join hands with other photographers to have more and more images at your store. In addition to selling photographs, you can also use in-image ads, or offer some photography or graphic designing services for making extra income from your store.

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