How To Transform Viewers Into Buyers With 5 Simple Video Tricks

There is a simple method to make easy sales doing affiliate marketing. It’s by publishing videos to YouTube and asking your viewers to visit your landing page. If you can create the right video, you can effectively turn your viewers into buyers. But, if your video is boring as hell, then it won’t work effectively for you. The good news is that there are some tricks you can use in order to make your videos more interesting for your viewers. As a result, you will have more chance to convert them into buyers. Here are 5 simple video tricks to transform viewers into buyers:

1.     Create A Product-Specific Video

There are many people who want to know more about the product that they want to buy and go to YouTube to find some visual presentation about the product. That’s why you can use product-specific video to turn those interested viewers into buyers. You just need to create a review video about the product that you promote, or create a little teaser about your product if you intend to promote your own product. This is a good way to get strong sales promoting products from Amazon or other ecommerce websites.

2.     Have An Established Web Presence

If you want to successfully promote your product with video, you need to have an established web presence. Why? That’s because there are many people who create the video about the same product as yours. You need to come up with an established website so that your video will be regarded as more trustworthy. In this way, your viewers will have no resistance in following your recommendation, since they can also check the product on your website as well.

3.     Do A Comparison Video

Comparison video will always be a good video to make because people want to know whether the product that they choose is better than the competitor’s product. This is a good idea if you’re promoting the same type of product from different brands. Remember that you can always put two links in your video description. The first link will point to the page about product A and the other link will point to the page about product B.

4.     Create A Walkthrough Or Product-In-Action Video

This can also be called an in-depth review video. You’re essentially showing your viewers about how the product that you’re promoting operates. Remember that this type of video can be made to promote either physical or digital product. You just need to make it interesting. You should also need to be active in responding to your viewers’ comments.

5.     Give Professional Recommendation To Your Viewers

The last step to do is to give professional recommendation to your viewers regarding the product that you’re promoting. For instance, you can tell them that the product is worth buying for the price, or you can recommend other similar product that is better than the product that you’re promoting. You simply recommend about the product and let the viewers to decide.

Those are 5 simple video tricks that you can apply to transform viewers into buyers. Please note that those tricks are best applied to promote physical products. Though you can do it for digital products as well, it won’t be as effective as promoting physical products.

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