How to use forums to promote your blogs

One of the primary purposes of blogging is to get noticed. If your blogs don’t get others’ attention, it is a mere piece of writing hiding behind the giant blogs. The success of a blog is measured by the readership it has gained. How do you tell others about your blog? Most of us ask our friends, family, and colleagues to check out our blogs. It’s a good way but what about the millions of people that we don’t know? They are not going to know about your blogs unless you tell them. Now comes the question of how. One way to promote your blogs is through forums. Interacting in a forum paves the way for readers to come to your blogs. You may want to read the following points to drive traffic to your blogs using forums.

  1. Choose forums that discuss topics that you blog on. It is because you will be able to think of good forum ideas if you know the topic. Otherwise, you will be beating around the bushes after a few posts.
  2. Every forum has a set of rules and instructions to be followed. Read and understand them in order not to be banned for violating any of their policies. Most forums are closely moderated and so you can’t let out your emotions without considering others’ feelings.
  3. The most important thing is to add value to the forum by starting information-rich threads. Only if the readers find that your threads are worth reading, they will consider visiting your blog.
  4. Starting the very first thread about your blog is not a good idea. You will have to build credibility before you can start talking about your blogs. Or else, readers will perceive that you’ve come only to tell them about your blog.
  5. Always be ready to help anyone in need. If they find that you’re willing to help, educate, and share with them, they will surely be regular readers of your blogs. You will need such readers to keep your blogs popular.
  6. Choose a good signature for your blogs. Give the link to your blogs below the signature so that the readers know that there is something else to read on the same topic. They will be surprised at the amount of information they find in your blogs (if you think of where to share what).
  7. Reply to readers’ comments in a friendly tone. It’s very important to find out what the readers think. Don’t react if they express contradicting ideas; they have the liberty to think that way.
  8. While it is important to interact with readers, it’s equally important to watch out for flamers. If you doubt that a person has replied to light up a firestorm, hold onto your patience and handle him with care.
  9. Expressing contradicting ideas in your blogs and forums is the worst thing you can do to your blogs. If you do it once, it could ruin all your efforts to promote your blog.
  10. Keep your blogs error-free in the aspects of spelling and grammar. A good Homer sometimes nods, but if there are many typos and careless grammatical errors in your blogs, people will find it less interesting to read.

A well planned forum thread places an invisible sign post pointing to your blog. Interacting in forums is a proven way to make your blogs buzzing with people.

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