How to use promotion codes successfully

Promo codes are nothing else but coupons which are used at the time of online shopping. It is the code which helps you to get reduction in prices and also some things in free. Many retailers put out these types of offers to draw attention of more and more customers with minor prices and also unique types of deals. Promo codes are usually an acronym of “promotional codes”. When you are launching any new product it is used. Promo codes are very much helpful to create a brand image and also alertness of the new product in the minds of the people so that they are fascinated to buy that particular product.

Promotional codes in other words are also known as coupons. It offers a financial credit to an advertiser’s account. Basically, they’re given to new advertisers who want to advertise their new strategies just to help them so that they can start with Adwords. If you’re in a line of new advertisers, you might be entitled to obtain one. Promotional codes are usually used to give sponsors and others ‘a coupon’ for a discounted registration so that they cannot be charged. So the basic concept of promo codes is to create and distribute the coupon with the help of phone, letters, emails; newsletters etc so that they are not charged with any registration fees. For promo codes and offers related to that just look for free promotional codes to gain benefits while shopping online.

One of the easiest ways to handle the promotional codes is to make a full set of codes that you need to present in the event of launching new offers. If you come across the basic needs what people wants and what they desire then launch promo codes according to their needs and requirements. This is because your system will reserve your registration spot for promotion codes, at the time of event capacity feature.

If you sell your sponsorship to anybody else then you must send sponsor registration and other codes you have created so that other event participants to register without any charge. If you can create all these codes in advance then it would become easy for you to send them as sponsors as they are added to the event.

Once you have activated promotion codes in your system, the promotion code box will automatically appear on the bottom of your Event Registration & Product Sales page.


It is easy to generate promotion code by simply following these steps:-

  1. A.     Click on Tools – Promotion Codes-  Add New Promotion Code
  2. B.      Enter the Promo Code Prefix (i.e. shopping bags). Use a Promo Prefix that is related to the shopping or any other category of promotion.
  3. C.    Enter the quantity of promotion codes which is available. This will help you to save time by engendering multiple codes in just one step.
  4. D.    Add a quick description that relates to the sponsorship package or other purpose for issuing the code.
  5. E.     By using the recipient field, the intended recipient will receive a message with the promo codes by email you can only use this feature after you have tested it yourself, and only if you are sending all of the codes to the same person. If you don’t use this feature, you can email the codes later.
  6. F.     Assigned Sponsor – Optional Field – use this field if you want to tie each code to an actual sponsor, for tracking purposes. This is not usually needed.
  7. G.    Sponsor Package – Optional Field – if you want to tie each code to an actual sponsor package.

When you simply generate promotional codes they are generated with promo codes. You can provide upto 6 characters randomly followed by a 4 digit number randomly. These numbers will be arranged randomly and not sequentially. This numbers are random because they are difficult to judge by the people and so their promotion codes can be more secure.

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