How To Use Twitter To Search And Get A Job

Unlike our previous generations, the current era is blessed with advancements in information technology which has made complex activities such as job searching extremely easy. The presence of social media has simply expanded this avenue and as a result, there are countless avenues wherein one can effectively search for a job. One such platform is the extremely popular social networking platform – Twitter. One of the most frequently asked questions on the web is How to use Twitter to Search and Get a Job. With the help of Twitter, users can not only learn from their peers in the discipline that they are in, but also use it as a platform to build awareness about one’s self, position one’s self as a leader and share content. This is made even easier by the fact that Twitter is a public network.

How to use Twitter to Search for Jobs
There are numerous ways by which a prospective applicant can take advantage of Twitter to land that perfect job.

The first and most important thing to do is that the user should not only follow the industry/ disciple that he/ she is interested in, but also actively take part in associated communities.
Users would be wise to post genuine and original content and simply not retweet the thoughts of others. This helps one to become a thought leader and make their presence felt on the network.
There are numerous companies which have Twitter handles where they regularly post updates and activities with regards to job openings and applications. Following them is a great idea to keep track of openings rather than having to go through the individual websites for each company.
Finally, users should remember to ensure that they do not end up being overly professional. Since Twitter is effectively a platform to showcase a person’s personality, it makes sense to talk to others about one’s interests.

How to use Twitter to land the dream job

There are two aspects which need consideration in order to land the perfect job with the help of Twitter.
1. Being an Engaging Candidate: It will not suffice the applicant’s purpose by simply creating an account on Twitter. Since most recruiters go through the content that the applicant shares in his or her account, it would be wise to share a mix of thought provoking, humorous and interesting content as well as tweets which portray the personality of the applicant. A few things that one should always keep in mind are –

Always show what you’re passionate about.
Build a solid network on Twitter both within your industry and outside.
Regularly interact and respond to the people on your networks and add value to your communities.

2. Networking Effectively: Effective networking isn’t all about self promoting. The idea is to contribute one’s expertise and help others. By doing so, you shall be able to build a lot of capital in these networks. And let’s face it – In todays world, the higher the social capital one has, the simpler it is to land a job. A few things that one should always keep in mind are –

First impressions always count – offline as well as online.
Twitter is not just about self promotion but about doing things and engaging with others as well.
It’s important to network and not just communicate.
Always try to make relevant contributions since that is the fastest way to get people to follow you.

The advantages of choosing Twitter with regards to job searches
Even though Twitter does not come across as the first social network while applying for a job, it has some amazing advantages over the other social networking platforms. The main advantage of choosing Twitter is the lack of barriers which allows one to connect with industry leaders and expand their horizons.

Twitter is also known to be an excellent platform to connect to companies and organizations which are not familiar. The process is much simpler than other social networking platforms and one can develop a real rapport with others who would generally not be accessible in real life.
Using Twitter is easier for recruiters as well since the platform facilitates quicker responses.
Finally, the openness makes Twitter an extremely useful platform for employers as well as employees. Employees can get an idea about the organization while employers can get an idea on whether the prospective employee would fit in to the organization culture and requirements.

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