How You Can Save On Back to School Shopping

Back to school shopping can be an expensive proposition for many families. Not only do you need to buy school supplies, but also new school clothes and shoes to replace the items that your kids may have outgrown over the course of the last year.

Fortunately, with a little bit of research and some careful advanced planning, you can keep your budget reasonable for your back-to-school spending, while still ensuring that your child has everything he or she needs in order to be ready to start the school year off right. In other words—you don’t have to break the bank to make sure your kids are well-taken care of on that first day of school!

Ways You Can Save on Back to School Shopping

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One of the best ways to save on back to school shopping is to do your research and come up with a plan in advance for how to handle the shopping—rather than just heading out to the stores and hoping things turn out right.  Fortunately, there are a lot of great resources on the Internet that can provide you with tips on how to do back to school shopping right. For example:

  • The ValPak blog provides a number of useful tips to help you save on back to school shopping. For example, you can check out 8 tips for getting your child ready to go back to school. You can also learn about 2013 tax free weekends, when you can make a point to go out shopping and buy your clothing and supplies while saving on paying the sales tax.
  • provides advice for parents seeking a frugal back-to-school strategy. The six tips that Bank Rate provides to parents came from professionals throughout the country that they asked to weigh in on how parents can cut their back to school spending costs.
  • Woman’s Day, which gives advice on all sectors of a woman’s life, offers time-tested and mom-approved tips for how to cut costs when it comes time to shop for back to school. Their tips are divided into categories so you can find information on saving on the purchase of school supplies; school clothes; school-week meals; and even after school and weekend activities that your children might like to participate in.

These are just a few of the many different resources out there that offer essential tips on back to school shopping. The ValPak blog and the other information-sites are a good place to start your research so you can create a comprehensive plan for how to be smart about back to school shopping.  By following the tips that you are able to find online, you should hopefully be able to significantly reduce your costs so you can do your back to school shopping for less.

Looking for Coupons and Special Deals

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When you are creating a plan to successfully cut your costs on back to school shopping, one of the centerpieces of that plan should include finding coupons and special deals that will help you to save.

Many stores offer back-to-school specials to try to encourage you to do your shopping in their store. These are often called “loss-leaders” because the stores may sell items at a loss in order to try to get you into the shop where you hopefully will spend money on other things.

You can take advantage of the loss leaders by doing your shopping at a few different stores and buying the low-cost items at each. Don’t restrict your shopping to just big-box stores either. While these can sometimes have great deals, there are a host of other options including office supply stores and even grocery stores that may offer deals on back-to-school products. Drug stores such as CVS and Wal-Greens will sometimes even offer loss leaders on back to school items like notebooks, pencils, rulers and other school supplies.

To find the best deals, you can check sites that allow you to print coupons that you can use to bring down your costs. You can also take a look at weekly store sales flyers that are put out by your local stores or use online deal hunting sites such as and Fat  These websites are deal aggregators in which people post links to the hottest deals on the Internet. The sites also offer their own sets of coupons that are compiled by users and that can be printed out or used on the Internet.

Shop Smart

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By taking advantage of the different online resources that are available, by using coupons and looking for special deals and by crafting a plan when you are doing your shopping, you should be able to get your child everything he or she needs for back to school without going over your budget.

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