How Your Business Can Save Energy

With the government’s recent introduction of the Climate Change Levy, the incentive to save energy has been taken on by a majority of businesses in the country. So why is saving energy a high priority? To start with, it improves the working conditions of you staff. Investing in energy saving light bulbs, not only give the same amount of light, but reduce the amount of heat emitted. It also enhances the ‘Green Business’ image of your company which is a positive amongst customers wishing to do business with an environmentally friendly company. The biggest benefit of saving energy means that it does reduce the cost of your energy bills.
There are some tips that can help save energy:

In offices and business, lightning is one of the main expenditures of energy. An obvious tip is to switch off lights when they are not in use. Install a motion sensor that will turn on the lights in an occupied room and switch off when it is empty. Enforcing this with your staff can cut your lighting cost by 15%.
Replace fluorescent T12 tubes with T8 tubes. Natural lighting can also help with saving energy by opening blinds in daylight hours.

-Electrical appliances
As with lights, switch them off when not in use. Switching off a computer monitor over the weekend could save you £35 on your energy bill. Multiply that by the number of employees you have and the savings are immense. Investing in devices such as energyEGG can switch off computers if an employee forgets to. Chargers will still use energy, even when they are not in use, so unplugging these will benefit your bill.


-Get staff involved
Energy saving should be a team duty. Invest in energy saving posters to remind them of doing the simple things such as lights and computers. Appointing a member of staff to manage and oversee energy saving duties and enforce rewards (And punishments such as buying a round of coffee for everyone) for their good efforts.

Regular readings of your meter will give you an indication of how much water is being used. It will also show you if there are any leaks or faults in your water pipes. Invest in devices that will control to prevent urinal flushing overnight.
Remind staff to make sure they have turned off the taps, even drips can cost you. Staff should only boil the water that they need; the energy used to boil water we do not need can light a street lamp for a month.

-Upgrade technology
Old models of electrical equipment tend to not be as energy efficient as the latest ones. Save money on your energy bills by upgrading to the new models and equipment as most technology now focuses on efficient energy saving.

There are many other ways to save on your energy bills; these are only scratching the service. You should consult an energy surveyer to perform an energy audit regularly to see what areas you can save energy on. Not only will it save you money, it does contribute to creating a better environment for future generations.

By Harry Price

Harry Price is a free-lance writer who enjoys playing poker with the guys, contributing to technology research and spending time with his family and dogs.

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