Inexpensive PR Strategies Small Business Can Leverage

Inexpensive PR Strategies Small Business Can Leverage

Building up a sustainable public relations strategy on a shoestring budget is possible, drumming up more exposure to business. One of the least expensive and effective way that small business can grow is by integrating dozens of PR tactics to the strategic plans. The basic idea of online and offline public relations is about getting an engaging message in front of the potential customers on a modest budget, where the awareness of word of mouth that can be attained is priceless for a small company.

Spending time on researching targeted media venues, creating compelling pitches and participating in business events on a regular basis can help in building a public relation strategy under an affordable budget.  More often micro business men feel exhausted in finding the time and budget to market their business, in such case the next step is to reach out to the online media world and get some exposure. By putting sufficient time and proper effort, it is possible to get your business covered in the right online circles without shrinking your bank. Let’s dip on various inexpensive public relation strategies a small business can leverage.


Equip your personality, so that others will listen to you on the basis of your knowledge on a given subject, the way it’s presented and the language adopted. Always look to be an active part of the dialogue, creating quality content for a wider community. Developing partnership with other businesses can also gain some profit or discount for your services or products or an article for their newsletters. Read other business blogs and get your entire team tweeting to reach wider audience. Have an open mind, to solve the problems of the audience, rather than talking about your business.

Identify Potential Customers

It is important to understand your audience, whether they are your own clients, reporters or influencers by spending quality time with them. Target on your efforts, like if your client base is accountants and your geographical strategy is national, explore on more on their journals, conferences they participate and blogs they subscribe. When you get an idea and nature of the information they need, bring up a personalised content for them.

Plan Your Budget

Determine how much you can spend over a period and plan how to do it. It is obvious that lack of planning, gathers no positive results on what you were looking for. Design goals with solid strategies and work to reach them.

Know Your Resource And Be A Resource

Make yourself a resource that others will depend on and let everyone discover that you are the sole source they are looking for. There are many cheap and free tools available to get in touch with the world and your customers. Several free sites like Free Press Release, PRLog, etc are available to post your press releases. HARO is a resource for PR professionals and reporters to get ideas for stories. Create quality content to position yourself an indispensable authority in your industry, city, profession or any appropriate situation. Quality contents are always valuable, which could get re-published in other blogs. Blog on a topic you know well and engage with your readers in the comments section of your blog.

Reply To Public Media Queries

Reporters and bloggers go after interesting stories, brands and companies to discuss with their audience. It is not so easy to find relevant resources, where media query services like HARO got support. All questions are categorized and distributed via e-mail to subscribers, where they answer to all queries immediately before the deadline. Take time away from “cold pitches” via e-mail, and focus on reporters who are requesting ideas for their stories as they possess less knowledge about it.

An SEO Friendly Business Blog

Business blogging is an asset for a small business. It is a better showcase of your expertise and has the added benefit of boosting your brand higher in search results that are relevant to your business. Blogs can be an effective low cost media to reach the target audience, if you make sure the posts are trendy, useful and easily findable. Use your blog to comment on bigger trends so that you can get focussed by reporters and bloggers. A strong and a search optimized title is important, along with spending less time in the comments section of other bloggers where you can post to the discussion and share links to your posts around relevant keywords. Comment regularly on articles, to make your name in front of key reporters and potential audience. All these efforts can give a higher rank to your business, driving more customers and reporters to the site.

Contribute To Relevant Publications

Give your contributions to publications that help in your business. Compose a mail to the editor of your targeted publication regarding the outline of your article and the keywords you cover. It should be noted that these articles should not be a sales pitch for your company, but they should provide fresh insights on the industry or macro-level trends.

Share Your Resources Through Social Media

Social media forms a vital way to engage with potential customers, build relationships, access customer feedback, develop relevant products and services, make sales and up-sell existing clients, generate more traffic to the website and increase business trustworthiness. In today’s social media world, digital and creative pr agencies extend the possibilities for businesses and their profits; letting them reach the unreached. So make your information easily available and accessible in all social media channels.

Boost Your Conversations

Many small businesses get traffic on their website but fail to convert them to leads. Your web traffic is of little use if you cannot convert them into customers for your business. Some ways to do this are listed as:

  • Use good call to action on website.
  • Apply call to action in all other marketing materials.
  • Make sure call to action are visibly displayed throughout your website

Offer Gifts And Coupons

Coupons and gifts are good ways for businesses to attract new customers. Research shows that people go out their way using coupons, which would in fact improve successful customer engagement, and conversions. Coupons can also generate return visits on the longer run. For example, if a coupon is given to a customer for a discount on future business, the more they will return. Remember to put your company name and logo on whatever swag you are handing out each campaign, or else you miss the entire buzz.

A well planned marketing strategy is critical for the success of any business. And when done right, an inexpensive pr strategy can help your business grow; amass new customers, knit strong relationships which will pay in a possible crisis and let your brand grow more on profits and reputation each day.

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