Innovative Business Saving Ideas for 2013

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Startups and established businesses need innovative ideas to get the ball rolling in 2013. Making the right decisions early can enable the company to make the right connections and exploit revenue streams at a good pace. Discovering the power of system-based technologies that enable constant growth an ability to drive innovation can give an edge. Here are some innovations that business owners and entrepreneurs may want to keep an eye on in 2013.

1. Smartphone apps

Functions such as marketing, sales tax calculations and paying employee salary can be deployed in a smartphone business app. The New York Times have labelled smartphone apps as the most powerful media invented to date. Mobile search has grown by leaps and bounds in recent times, and businesses using this platform have been able to enhance customer experience.

In 2013, your business can do with a new mobile application, which can be used as a marketing tool to attract new customers and offer promotional items to the existing ones. Apps will also help the business to ‘directly engage’ with the customer, leading to increased brand visibility.

2. Green technology

Advancements in green technology will continue in 2013. Companies are going through a cultural shift, incorporating green technology as a major part of their cost-saving efforts. It’s also affecting the way the consumers perceive the company’s image. Forrester Research published a report which states that 25 million U.S residents would buy electronic items at a higher price if they consume less energy.

Your business can place incorporating clean tech as one of the pinnacle agendas of 2013. The start may come from energy-saving. There are companies in different states that can help to determine how to save money on energy. For example, businesses based in Ohio have the option of, while Texas Efficiency would be an ideal choice for businesses in Texas.

3. Hybrid IT structure

Hybrid models which include cloud solutions to supplement the existing infrastructure will be an attractive option in 2013. This structure enables the employees to work in different sectors in which they specialize by creating a shared mission statement. A spider web-based structure is created within the company, which increases the scale of use and the speed of distributing the finished product or service.

Small businesses may come out as the biggest winners by deploying a Hybrid IT organizational structure. This can be done by outsourcing a portion of the required IT resources to a private or public cloud service provider.

4. Social enterprise business software

The adoption of social enterprise business software for validating the approach of the business will increase in 2013. This will allow companies to keep check on real-time statistics of important consumer metrics. Furthermore, Microsoft’s takeover of Yammer is going to change the face of enterprise social development, enabling businesses to incorporate the tools in Office.

Social software may be a good option to consider in 2013. The best way start would be to evaluate different vendors based on the ability of their software to seamlessly integrate in different departments rather than the size of their offer.

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