Integrated Marketing Campaign: Is It Time To Switch?


As businesses grow, their needs will undoubtedly change. A marketing campaign that worked for your company five years ago may be outdated and ineffective today. An integrated marketing campaign is one of the best ways to make your business’ name synonymous with the products or services that you provide. Through integrated marketing, you will be able to integrate all of the promotional tools that you already use to create an effective campaign. Integrated marketing has many advantages, but there are also challenges. Implementing an integrated marketing campaign will require you to think creatively and to think carefully about the needs of your company. Knowing when to implement is just as important as knowing how to implement an integrated marketing campaign.


If you have seen steady decline in your sales or customer growth, an integrated marketing campaign may just be what your company needs. Through effort, risk, and coordination skills you can create a campaign that will help you increase your opportunities and sales revenue. A well developed catch phrase or logo can help you to spark interest in potential customers, as well as current customers.

Integrated marketing can also be used to help you promote a new direction for your company. For example, if your company has used wasteful methods in your daily business practices, you can use an integrated marketing campaign to promote your newly established green practices.

One of the best things about an integrated marketing campaign is that you can basically customize it to the needs and goals of your company. Regardless if you are releasing new products or trying to renew interest in older products, integrated marketing can help you to be successful in your marketing techniques. The key is to know what your company’s needs are and to be creative in fulfilling those needs.


One of the most common barriers in Integrated Marketing is your company’s resistance to change. While many around you may argue that older, outdated methods of promotion still work, you need to point out all of the benefits of Integrated Marketing. To better handle any resistance to change, you should first try to understand why they are so hesitant. Many will resist the change to integrated marketing because they do not want to learn a new way of promoting the company. However, there are ways to soften the blow and get those employees to see the fruits of the change. First, make sure that a training program is outlined for all employees. Let these particular employees know that you and the company will help them learn the new methods. Of course, you also need to detail all the ways it will benefit them.

Another barrier in implementing an integrated marketing campaign is the company’s budget. If your company has seen declining sales and activity for a long time, the owners may be reluctant to take a chance on a new marketing campaign. To resolve this barrier, you should provide company leaders with a detailed outline on how the campaign will help the company. Do your research about other companies that have improved with the help of integrated marketing. Your focus should always be on how the company is currently doing, and how integrated marketing will improve your company’s financial situation.

You will also need to change your methods of SEO when you implement an integrated marketed campaign. This means that you may need to alter seo packages, consultants, or companies that you currently use. This may be costly for your company and it will undoubtedly be time consuming. Consider what packages will work the best for your company and train your employees accordingly.

Implementing Integrated Marketing

In order for Integrated Marketing to be successful, you will have to meet certain requirements. First, secure the support of all senior management members. Without their skill and support, you will need their commitment and support. This is easier said than done. However, without their support, you will be faced with an extremely difficult implementation process.

You will also need to ensure that every single member of your staff is trained in the details of the new campaign. Just as your front office employees will need to be able to answer questions about the campaign, so will your CEO. The training should ensure that every single staff member is actively involved in the success of the integrated marketing campaign.

You will also need to make sure that your campaign in tested and modified where needed. Without the proper testing, you could be setting the campaign up for failure. Do not be stubborn when changes are needed. If you discover that one of your ideas needs to be adjusted, do so. After all, integrated marketing is all about team work.

When you are considering whether to implement an integrated marketing campaign, it is important to know why it is necessary. When you know why your company requires the assistance of an integrated marketing campaign, you will be able to develop a campaign that meets your company’s specific needs. With team work, creative thinking, and determination, you can ensure the success of an integrated marketing campaign.

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