Integrating Social Networking For A Small Business CRM


The major CRM programs are elaborated by giant companies, and those are later distributed to the individual implementers and providers. Practically, when we are talking about your local implementing company, we are talking about a distributor that bought the main program from a large internet corporation, such as Oracle or Microsoft, and they are now in charge of implementing and customizing the program for the clients that want the program in your area. However, this does not mean that the task of local distributors is easier.

For example, a few years ago, one of those distributors confronted with an unusual but interesting request from a client. It was about integrating the Facebook and Twitter accounts of users in a small business CRM database. The local provider forwarded the problem to the major developer, and today, the majority of professional CRM programs come with the feature.

Why is it useful?

The Social Networking integration can be added as a module for older programs, and today, it is offered by default with the new versions. Clients will have access to those accounts directly from the administrating panel, which means that they can initiate specific activities with those accounts. This way, a company can plan a monitoring strategy efficiently, engaging the users where they spend the most time: on social networks. It is even possible to evaluate the effectiveness of the system with a scoring tool.

An important tool for social small business CRM is the Analyze of activity, which records the daily interactions of users on those two major networks. The users are grouped considering their relevance, priority and activity. This way, the Social Networking department from Marketing can filter the relevant activities with ease, and they can deliver an answer in the shortest time possible. This approach is possible because the CRM has some parameters for users. The tool can offer complete analysis about the activity on Facebook and Twitter. This makes the instrument useful in establishing the online marketing strategy, and for creating smart online campaigns based on the desires of the fans. With details such as distribution of interactions and geo tagging, the Marketing department will be a lot more effective in the online world.

Besides historical data and charts, the social small business CRM offers a simple method to manage those social networks, by integrating those specific buttons. This way, the fans can post messages, they can unsubscribe for your pages, and you will know about those instantly.

80% of clients requesting new CRM programs asked for this module to be introduced, and more than 50% of the current users of CRM programs asked for this new module to be implemented. This confirms that social media is a powerful marketing tool even for companies that don’t have an activity connected with the online world.

New Networks?

LinkedIn is the social network of professionals, while Pinterest and Stumbleuppon are important social media tools. If you think about contacting your service provider to enhance your Small Business CRM with Twitter and Facebook features, maybe it is a good idea to ask about an engine integrating other social networks. This way, you can cover your entire activity on social networks, transforming your image there in the most powerful selling tool.

The future of Small Business CRM

Adapting the new CRM programs to social networks is only a part of what developers can do today. The smartest CRM programs can be adapted to any request of clients, making it possible to manage client-oriented campaigns in an easy manner. If you want a competitive advantage on the competition, this is what you need.

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