Investing in Property Around the World

Real estate is one of the best investments that you can find.  If you expand your horizons globally, you can find good investment properties all around the world.  While putting your money into overseas properties does come with risk, there are a number of overseas destinations that can be attractive to potential investors.

Markets that have seen a steep drop with the recession are showing signs of bottoming out, whereas other areas such as the Caribbean offer great tax incentives to buyers.  The bottom line is that expanding your portfolio to overseas potential gives you many more options to invest.

Exotic Places to Invest

Own Property on the Riviera

Consider places like the French Riviera, known as one of the most beautiful regions in France.  It is known as own of the most visited tourist destinations, hosting over 10 million travelers a year.  The Riviera is attractive to crowds and real estate investors for a number of reasons.  Land is scarce and property values have great potential to surge.  Recently, the French government implemented a massive 25% tax cut on capital gains to attract foreign investors, making places such as the French Riviera a much more attractive investment.

Invest in Australia

There are a number of options in Australia open to the investor.  Rental yields in Australia has been fairly strong in recent years, averaging between 3-5% depending on location.

Additionally, investing in Australia seems attractive at the moment because the AUD has weakened in recent times.  While, properties in the major cities such as Sydney and Melbourne has seen huge gains recently, this hasn’t yet spread out to some of the regional areas.  You may consider some of the regional coastal areas for rental or growth properties.  For example, there is land for sale in Wollogong that appears to be attractive at this time, with some properties looking undervalued and rental yields as high as 7%.

Investment Path to Citizenship in the Caribbean

Most people think of the Caribbean as a travel destination for vacations, but have you considered investing in property in the Caribbean?  As mentioned earlier, this is an area where the government is offering tax incentives.  Additionally, there are considerations to giving citizenship through investing in places like Grenada.

With the government assisting in making the Caribbean attractive to investors, these islands may attract a number of wealthy buyers and investors.  It may be poised for a real uptick in the real estate market.

Property in Paris

How about buying property in Paris?  The real estate market in Paris has seen recent drops, but there are some signs of bottoming out.  The French economy may be turning around, and some experts are expecting to see some growth in the upcoming year.  This may be a good time to invest in France and what better place than Paris?

Look for Deals all Around the World

When it comes to property investments, you don’t have to limit yourself geographically.  After all, world economies change depending on regional laws and regulations.  You may see property values drop in some areas, while in other areas, they are taking off.  At any given time, you can see some regions hitting a housing market bubble, while in another part of the world, there is a depression.  A knowledgeable investor who is aware of the risks and rewards of investing overseas can take advantage of these regional trends.

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